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another late night...

yikes...i can never sleep! late night is when i work, but the hours start ticking away and's 2 am. now, let's fast forward to 6:30 am when little henry gets up. it ain't pretty. i just walk around in a complete exhausted fog. People claim they would never know...I always seem fine. are they just being nice?? hmmm.

so, maybe you can relate to this: i have literally a bazillion ideas for all kinds of new projects...and i'm working, working, working...yet nothing is getting done??? i have so many unfinished little goodies begging for completion! here's a peek at a few things i'm ALMOST finished with:)

i need to figure out how to insert pictures into this blog a little better?? i should have the "love of home" and "heart and soul" paintings (with matching frames...oooh ahhh!) in the shop by next week? maybe sooner. the third painting is a housewarming gift. i'm going to maine wednesday and won't be back until monday the 3rd. my son jake and i are going by ourselves (no dad and henry) to portland to see my sister, her husband and my nephew! jake (7 years old) is so excited (and so am i) for a special trip...just the 2 of us:) we will be taking a ferry, a train and a bus on our adventure. it all sounds fine except for the bus...that part isn't too long though!

thanks again stephanie for leaving me my very 1st comment and for being such a wonderful supporter!!

good night everyone!!