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we're off to maine...

i finally just started to pack for maine. yes, it's 4:20 pm and we leave in the morning. i'm a bit of a procrastinator! jake has about 20 books he's wanting to bring on the train...we're gonna have
to narrow that down to 3 i'm afraid! because, who will be the one carrying them?? me.

i was hoping to get a few new things up in the shop but doesn't look like that's going to happen. i promise to have new goodies upon my return! i did make a treasury last night, though! you can see it by clicking here . i just love all these sweet birdies and want them all...aren't they great!? by the way, etsy treasuries are my new addicition!! i've made 2 others since i started selling and they both ended up on the front page. i almost passed out from excitement. i now think i'm some sort of art director or something... ; )ha!

well, i'll eat a lobstor roll for you and i'll take some pics. to share with you once i get back!

have a happy happy week!! school starts back up next thursday for us!! gulp! we are savoring every moment of the fleeting summer!

jake wanted me to show you a picture of his newly decorated room. trust me, it doesn't look like this anymore! he's a "little" messy!!!! i love the ikea bed cute. now henry is jealous...i'll show you his room next time!



Stephanie said...

okay're offically freaking me out:P i can't believe you are a westside actionville alumni also...holy cannoli. i grew up around the cedar hills area and then lived on mcduff during my college years. in 2000, we lived in orlando. what high school? mine was forrest...maybe we graduated the same year?? 93' baby...maybe i'm older than you...

...anyway, have a wonderful, safe trip to maine. your little boys room is ADORABLE...gotta love ikea, my kids have ikea loft beds, too cool (except the rarely have clean sheets...too hard to make up haha) oh, and thanks for all the sweetness about the upcoming shop!

Jenn said...

sooo crazy! we lived on cherry st...can you believe that! i actually went to high school in ft. myers (we moved from jax when i was little, then i moved back as an adult)...'90 graduate by the way you young spring chicken:)

thank you thank you thank you for writing fun!! we'll have to talk more about Jax soon!! i feel like you're a long lost friend!:)