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apples GALORE...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday love! I just loved getting all your wonderful messages! I had a wonderful day. Henry and I went shopping. I found some fabulous new polkadot (what else!?) bowls at Homegoods and we bought some fun Halloween decor for the outside yard. Henry was a complete angel the whole time. It was a birthday miracle! He even kept hugging me and saying "i love you" and "oooh...look at's bootiful!" . Adorable! What a good shopping buddy. The 4 of us went to dinner out at my favorite Japanese Restaurant. A great little local place with especially good sushi.

I was especially excited when I opened my present from my parents!! Among other fabulous things...There was a pair of the most adorable Betsey Johnson pj's! (I adore Betsey SO much and have since high school!!!) Also... a little trio of the wonderful Jennifer Murphy's Frozen Charlottes!! I have been dreaming of these sweet little Ladies forever...such a treat!

Saturday, Jake and I had to make our bulletin board for his school's reading program! The theme is Read to Feed and the kids reading will benefit local hunger programs. Great idea, huh!? This is the 3rd year we have volunteered to make a board and we have so much fun. We chose "Dancin' In The Kitchen". It has the most delightful illustrations! Here's the cover of the book and a peek at our finished bulletin board! Jake made all the food. So cute!

Later Saturday we all went apple picking! It was so much fun and we got completely carried away with it. Long story short...we left with over 30 lbs. of apples! Seriously! It was such a great time...we just couldn't help ourselves! We have been coming up with all sorts of ideas for apple menu items! Apple pie, apple turnovers, apple pancakes, applesauce...etc, etc! Just look at these gorgeous apples... my new polkadot bowl!!

ok folks...there are 2 more bags in addition to these 2 bowls!

Today I cleaned the house from top to bottom. Scrubbing under the couches...washing slip covers...a REALLY good clean. Since it won't last more than a day or so (ha) I took a picture of the living room to remember it by!

Lastly...and I apologize this has turned into a bit of a book... this sweet little mermaid went to live in my etsy shop tonite. Her little scrap of vintage text reads "tranquil unfathomable sea!".
How could I forget!? My little Fall Houses and Trick or Treaters were featured in 3 different etsy treasuries last Friday. This was my FIRST time featured in a treasury. It was beyond exciting to see.
Alright...Hope you all had a beautiful fun filled weekend. If you lived nearby, I'd have you over for some apples:) xoxoxoxo...jenn

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Diane Duda said...

Hooray for happy birthdays! Sounds like yours was wonderful...and so is your mermaid.
Congrats on the treasurys too.