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i'm henRy!!!

i shared some pictures of jake's room a few posts back and mr. henry has been wondering when i was going to share pics. of HIS room! it sounds a little like this: "iwant henry room on 'puter" and then imagine it repeated about 50 times in a row:) after we tidied up today we took these pictures.

he has so many of my favorite things in his room. my vintage funky chair. my vintage little b-day candle holders from mom. my $15.00 vintage yellow couch (there was 2 of mom got the other 1!! pure insanity how adorable it is and in perfect condition). the little quilt that was jake's first....etc, etc! speaking of henry, i have always called him henny in a silly voice. well, he apparently wants NO part of that anymore! if i call him henny he says NO! I HEN-RRR-Y! oh the heart wrench...sniff sniff. my little man is off to his 2nd day of 3 year old class tomorrow too. SOOO grown up!!

i'm off to list that halloween canvas i finished over the weekend. here's a peek or you can see it on ebay... here .

hope you ALL had a happy monday!! xoxoxo...jenn


Gabreial said...

I am diggin' that vintage couch! I want one, YAY for Henry!

Stephanie said...

hey jenn,

glad to see you're back from your trip...i'll have update myself on some of your earlier blogs since you've been back. i still can't believe we both lived in jax! too bad we don't live closer..i have a seven year old and we are so close to the same age..weird. how is new york anyway?? isn't it just crazy expensive?? happy tuesday...oh, and i love love love the yellow vintage couch!

Jessica (Kika) said...

Hi, I saw you on the etsy treasury and went to your etsy store. Love your colorful designs! Also, love that vintage couch!

Jenn said...

Thanks you guys! I love hearing from you so much!! Thanks Kika for visiting me on etsy and for your wonderful comments! XOXOXO