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new stuff...

...not the best title, but here's what i've been working on:)

i love working on canvas boards! they come in lots of sizes and have great versatility. pop it in a frame. prop it up on a shelf or window sill. attach a hanger to the back (i use strong glue and ribbon) to hang as is. possibilities galore! when i create these, i use the same technique as my canvases. i use vintage text and golden &/or liquitex acrylic paints. i wrap the color around the sides. then i use funky collage paper to cover the back. sometimes i just start painting and an idea is born. OR i sketch first and go from there.

this little sweetie will be on etsy at 7:00 p.m. (EST) tonight!

one of my lovely customers (you are all lovely, by the way!!) just asked me about my tea time ladies. i did add the original tea time lady to my cafepress site. she now lives on a tile coaster and looks quite fabulous there i might add:) AND she's only $8.50! stop the insanity! wouldn't she be so cute with your tea!!?? yummy. there will be some more originals in this group of canvas boards i'm working on. i'll keep you posted!!
if you don't know about's how it works. i've uploaded some of my favorite images on my own store there. you order from them. they print to order and then ship off to you. i've ordered some of the cards and magnets and just love them! YOU can even make your own stuff! upload a picture of the kids and print on a tee shirt or mug for grandpa...anything! have fun!
big hugs to you all!! happy happy wednesday!! jenn

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