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favorite corners of my home...'s been one of those weeks. I've been feeling kinda crummy...stressed out and
a little under the weather.

I wandered (i'm using that term wandering VERY loosely...I could get from one side of the house to the other with one little hop!!) around today, admiring some of my favorite little corners of the house. I love to decorate. I love to "re-do" the top of the china cabinet a zillion times until it's just right. I love my old books and little folk art figures. I love all my polkadots everywhere:) Look at my new lampshades for my bedroom....CUTE. Seriously, they are from Pottery Barn Kids. I refuse to grow up! I love my home to be a cozy, happy place. It rained all day today and Henry & I just worked around the house...played with Batman...played Star Wars and watched Noggin! We had a pretty fun day:)

Ialso added a couple new things to the ol' etsy and ebay shops:)

November Gals

Marriage SOLD...THANK YOU!!

Thank you so much to all of you who come here to visit me! I adore getting
your comments and appreciate each and every single one of them. Big hugs to you
all and wishing you each a HAPPY & COZY weekend!! xoxoxo..jenn


e. beck said...

OH ....i love your work ......

coco said...

I think that your artwork is wonderful! I enjoy checking back to see what is new.

Jenn said...

Thank you so much e. beck and coco!! I appreciate your kind words a ton:) Thank you for visiting me...xoxoxo


Cottage by the River said...

Loved visiting your site. I have the same cloche!

Jenn said...

Thank you Bristol! I just got that cloche and I love it so much:)
I'm so glad you stopped by today!!


Sadie Lou said...

Look at that cute polkadotted painting with the window frame! Did you do that?? I love it--polkadots are my favorite.
Sadie Lou

Jenn said...

Hi Sadie Lou! (oh, how I adore your name!!)

Regarding my window...thank you!
It actually is a piece of an old quilt that I attached to the back of an old (from my grandparents house!) window. I love to paint them faces on the front of the glass and stripes on the back of the glass. It look so cool:)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy day to you!! xoxox..jenn