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The Ladies of Folk Art...

The Ladies Of Folk Art...or TLOFA had it's group launch this weekend! The theme was Give Thanks and there are so many cute items up for auction! Check them out by clicking here ! Such a talented group of folk artists! These are my 3 little offerings for the launch...

I had to also include a picture of this adorable anniversary gift from my parents! My Mom bought this little print from the wonderful Helene at yummihouse on etsy and she decorated the frame. SO cute, isn't it! Thanks Mom:) xoxo

Take a peek at Chris' sour cream apple pie...YUM!

Wonder what apple delight will be next? As you can see, there are bunches of apples left! :)
I'm so glad you stopped by!! Have a fabulous week everyone!!


Diane Duda said...

Your new art is beautiful! Love the red and blue.
And what a thoughtful gift from your mom.
Happy belated Anniversary!


Cathy said...

Hello, so pleased to have found your blog - thanks again for your words over at my 'place'. Your folk art is very inspiring. I've been a collector for years:) Will have to find out more re: The Ladies of Folk Art, sounds interesting.... Cathy

Jenn said...

Thank you so much Di and Cathy!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

One more you mind if we add you to our are so talented!

smiles, kari and kijsa