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lulu and milo...

Good Morning and Happy Thursday to you!!
Lulu and Milo popping in to say hello... (you can find them for sale here )

I'll be restocking my etsy shop in the next couple days too! I can hardly believe Halloween is almost upon us and Christmas is right around the corner!! As much to do in such little time!! :)

When I drop Henry off at his little class today, I am going to the gym! yiiiiikes. I haven't been since the beginning of summer. I'm so out of shape...none of my clothes are fitting...time to take better care of myself!!! Chris renewed my gym membership as a surprise for my birthday.... which was so sweet. He knew I didn't want to spend the money on it...but really did want to go back. I felt so much better last year when I was going regularly. It's so easy, as a mom, to put yourself on the back burner. And, it's SO wrong!! I also made a hair appt. for later this month. Wow. Now I'm gettin' serious! I'm such a "kitchen beautician"...and I had a little hair color catastrophe last weekend. Long story hair is black and it is NOT a cute black!!!!!!! And let's not even discuss what grey roots are going to look like with black hair. I had a color fix consultation yesterday. I can't get it actually fixed until the 30th though! yep...I'll be the one wearing a baseball cap or huge polkadot scarf on my head all this month!!

Did I mention Chris made another delicious apple pie yesterday!? Look at this yummy thing!! was so good!!

Wishing you all a super fabulous Thursday!! Big hugs!! xoxo...jenn


Anonymous said...

What pretty art work. Love your vibrant colors. The pie looks delish.

Jenn said...

thank you so much Alexandra!! I'm so happy you stopped by:)


Kari & Kijsa said...

That pie looks so out of the oven with ice cream....FABULOUS! Thanks for your sweet are the best!

blessings, kari and kijsa

Jenn said...

oh my goodness you guys! I just had a huge piece with Breyers vanilla ice cream and it was heavenly! So much for writing about the gym and getting in shape!! hehe:)