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one life to live...

Do you ever get bored with what you're doing? Of course you do...we all do! I had such a mental block last night and couldn't come up with a single creation! I awoke to crisp and cool weather this morning. It inspired me to work on some new aceo cards. Miss Evie...with her winter coat and little scarf...has a beautiful message: one life to live. There's also Ms. Teacher...with her "eager to learn" students:) Also a quick sneak peek at a collection of new collage chunky canvases I'm working on. I told you I was bored! I think I just needed a wee break from painting! I recently came across a bunch of old family photos...we don't know who any of them are. We think they were friends of my grandparents...etc. I love them and am using them (the real photos!) in these collages. I love giving new life to these faces from the past...that would have otherwise been discarded! Happy weekend to you all!!
xoxoxo...jenn legs are KILLING me from the gym yesterday!!! This is gonna be so hard!!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Don't you love fresh inspiration. Sometimes I sit down to write the blog and nothing comes....then the next day my hands can't type fast enough!

blessings, kari and kijsa

syko kajsa said...

I have found that the best way to cope with lack of inspiration is to start a new project :) I have been working on "one life to live" a lot recently changing careers. I like the back and whites in your work a lot!

It's getting cold here too, it's crisp and sunny today on my son's 2nd birthday!