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the frantic collage lady...

Yep, that's me. The frantic collage lady. I have been in a complete collage trance the last couple days. The floor beneath my desk looks like a paper factory exploded. When I stand up from my desk...I leave teeny bits of paper all the way down the stairs. Why frantic? Christmas is sneaking up on me and am I prepared??? The short answer is no:) But, I'm getting there! I just have waaaaay too many things floating through the old brain. I went to Pilates today...and guess what I did when I got home? Left my key in the ignition with the radio and heat on. Just came on in...played with Henry...did some some work done while Henry napped. Why didn't I turn my car off??? I even walked right past my car when I got Jake from the bus stop. hmmmmm. Chris got home a few minutes ago and asked why my car was on. Ummmm...because I'm the frantic collage lady? yikes. frantic as it might be...I LOVE creating all these little collages sooooo much! These are my latest. They will be added to my etsy shop later tonight:) AND...I have some adorable ornaments that I will be showing you soon!!!! Here's a teeny sneak peek;)
Have a wonderful, creative filled night everyone:) I'll be here...with all my paper:)


Kari & Kijsa said...

Please stay the frantic collage lady if it means you are creating fabulousness like these! Wonderful artwork!

kari & kijsa

Lorajean said...

OOOH I love them! So pretty,I am especially drawn to the ornaments!

Hope you have a better day!