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giving thanks...

well, yesterday was a busy day! I felt so sick still with this gross cold thing?? It's the cold that never goes away... Anyways, we cooked up a storm and had lots of yummy food. Jake did a fabulous job helping with the stuffing.

Henry even helped too!

Of course every picture of the food that I took did not come out! Santa, if you are reading this, I could use a really nice camera! It all looked so beautiful too...grrrrr. But I did get some cute photos of the boys. Here's what Henry ate for dinner.

seriously, nothing.

The rest of us, however, pigged out on sweet potato casserole, corn and squash casserole, Grandma's green beans, stuffing, cranberries...and some of us had turkey. Poor Chris had begged me to buy a whole turkey this year (YUCK). He said, "make sure it has wings and legs". I agreed and managed to pick out a small turkey without fainting. Guess what? I just bought the breast! I swear I didn't even know! He's like..."you didn't notice when you were holding it that it didn't have wings or legs?". In which I responded..."ummm...I wasn't feeling it...I was just trying to get it into the cart without touching it too much!" Poor Chris...I did feel bad, but he enjoyed it anyway. I'm not even a vegetarian (I was for many years..but started eating meat again during my 1st pregnancy)...I just really don't like meat. And the idea of eating meat off a bone...don't get me started!! I did try a bite of the turkey and Chris did an excellent job. (good job honey...sorry you couldn't chew on a turkey leg).

here's a couple pictures of my little turkeys:

(that cadillac sticker across their car cracks me up)

Bye for now:) Hope you all had a lovely day! Even with the whining, screaming, punching, light sabering, sneezing and coughing...we did! We have alot to be thankful for...


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michelle said...

OH, they are cute little turkeys! My son's kindergarten class had a dinner the week before and I thought now this is a kids dream thanksgiving dinner. Nuggtet, tater tots, mac and cheese and a million different cupcakes!