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happy november...

i can't believe november is here! cold weather has arrived and i think i'm finally getting in the Christmas spirit! i made 2 little Christmas art cards last nite...and have a couple paintings in the works. you know how that goes though!! as usual, so much in my mind with so little time to make it a reality! i did add this new little Christmas angel to my ebay auctions.

i also added another little couple to my etsy shop! it's a wonderful chunky 12 x 6 canvas with black and white stripes on the thick sides. i didn't get the best picture...but i loved how they turned out :) and i love their little HOME banner:) i love painting those houses and funky little couples!!

the boys had so much fun on halloween night! my mom was still here visiting and got to come along trick or treating! jake and henry came home with 2 huge buckets of many full size candy bars it was border line ridiculous...and NO ONE came to my house! so, in addition to the kids huge load...i have the huge bucket that we had left for our non existent trick or treaters! henry was so excited to run up to the doors and say TRICK OR TREAT. he would grab handfuls of candy...even when the person would say just take 1! he turned into a little candy thief! we were laughing so hard all night! here are the little guys...
Jango Fett (aka...jake)
Batman (aka...henry)

Chris, Henry, Jake and my Mom...on the trick or treating route!

i hope you all had a fun filled night. i'll be back soon to post pictures of new projects. and...i'm FINALLY adding my Christmas category to my cafepress store this weekend! If you have been waiting to find some Christmas cards...there might be some you'll like there:) i also should be getting my order of stocking stuffer goodies (that I had printed) ANY day now!

happy november guys!! xoxoxoxo...jenn


Kari & Kijsa said...


Did you say there were cards on your ESTY shop? We checked, but couldn't find any :( ....then again...maybe we just didn't look in the right place! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Jenn said...

hey you two:) Actually the cards will be over at my cafepress store by tonight! And my stocking stuffer printed goodies will be in my etsy shop any day now. I'll keep you posted:)

happy weekend!!!!! xoxox..jenn