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overwhelming love!!!

a card from my aceo series
sold earlier this year.

Happy Friday everyone!! So many wonderful things have been happening!! Beginning with fabulous blog friends. The oh-so-sweet and talented Kari and Kijsa toasted me on their blog today! I adore everything about these wonderful & super creative sisters. Run...don't go peek at their inspiring blog! They also just announced they opened an etsy shop! Yippeee for us! Visit them here!

Yesterday I curated a treasury on etsy that made it to the front page. It was SO cool! Things were selling off my list like hotcakes. I got the sweetest notes from a couple of the sellers and I was so thrilled for them. They were all very deserving shops indeed! I have a screen shot, but it's in the form of a PDF and I don't know how to show that here. sooooo, pictures to follow soon. THEN, the next treasury to make the front page had ME in it! My first time having a little piece of noodle and lou on the front page of etsy!! (pictures to follow of that one too!!!) I felt like I won the treasury lottery yesterday. And, seriously, if you are an etsy treasury addict like'll understand:) Thank you to the sweet humblebea for including my funky little couple in her treasury!!!

Then, I received a delightful treat in the mail today!! Liz from primoriginals and I did a trade of prints and look how adorable hers is!! She has more for sale over at her shop:) I really love it. Thank you Liz!!

Then, I got my hair colored and cut today. Love the way he cut it. It's so funky and fun! And it's always a happy day when the gray goes bye bye!!! Jake took a picture of my hair, but I think I'm too chicken to put it up here. hmmmmm. Maybe I'll change my mind later...

I have lots of commissions to finish up this weekend! I really had to take a bit of a break the past couple days. My husband is out of town and I've been weeded with stuff with the boys and the house. I finally gave my little neglected house some love yesterday. Cleaned the whole thing and started pulling out Christmas decorations. I LOVE my Christmas decorations. Each one I pull from the box is like seeing an old friend it.

Happy weekend everyone! I'll be back soon...after I figure out how to post these photos for you!



sUz said...

Hi Jenn,

I'm a huge fan of your work and have been enjoying reading your blog. You have inspired me to create my own!

Having said that, I have a question - how are you able to include links to other's names and shops in your posts? I can't seem to figure it out. If you could help point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful!

iN jOy,

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jen! I do not know if you got my email yesterday telling you you were on Etsy! I was so excited for you! Hey, you are doing so well, I am so happy for you! You are the sweetest person, Jen, you deserve all this attention! I have not had much time myself, lots of paintings to finish too... Well, better lots of rush work than no work at all, that's for sure! Take care and have a great weekend! LuLu

michelle said...

You are famous! At least etsy famous! Yeah! Oh, come on show us the hair! I need motivation to go get mine done. I love how you put that about your ornaments, I feel like mine are old friends too.

michelle said...

Thanks for the shop tips! I am going to check them out right now! And I ordered the same ring and a pretty necklace charm but I may have to keep the ring, I love it too much!

Susan said...

oh, come on now... let us see that hair. I just know it looks great. Have a good weekend. Susan K

~Izabella said...

wow!! I am in looooove with your blog, your art...oh so beautiful & dreamy

what a wonderful treat to stumble upon your site~

xo ~Bella
p.s. I think you should share the photo of your new do ;)