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sick day...

We're havin' a sick day here at the noodle and lou house! Henry, Jake and I are all sick with a cruddy, cruddy cold. So...besides packing up 9 things to mail today (seriously 9 things!!! even with a cold I'm doing the happy dance about that!!! THANK YOU sweet buyers!!)...we are watching movies and sipping tea or cocoa!! It is so cold and rainy out and we are all just nestled in our blankets on the couch. I was absolutely miserable yesterday...but today I feel a bit more human. Here's hoping tomorrow is a crud free day!

I did manage to get this new little painting listed on Sunday:) Let Us Gather Together is up for auction over at ebay and can be found here .
See you all soon...I'm heading back to the couch:) xoxoxo..jenn


Susan said...

Hope you all feel better soon. We had it at our house for over one week. Stay warm and try to rest. Take Care.

coco said...

Hope your house is feeling better. Really the only ray of light is that you all caught it at the same time. Love your banner, perfect word choices.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Jenn
Think I must have caught my cold from you.. can you catch a cbyer cold??
Hope you both feel better very soon.. hot lemon and honey does the trick.

coco said...

Hi. Hope my comment about everyone catching the cold at the same time wasn't offensive. Often, in my house, one boy would have it for two weeks, the second one would have it the next two weeks and then I would catch it. Usually, just as I would get rid of the cold, the first one could be heard coughing again! Hope everyone is better soon.