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100 !!!!!

Hooray for noodle and lou!! Over the weekend I reached the 100 mark in sales in my etsy shop!! I was sooo excited and want to say a billion thanks to all my wonderful supporters! Thank you for making my experience so extra special on etsy. This is a big big deal to me and I appreciate it beyond words. On my listings I always say..."Thank you for helping me to live my dream...", and I truly mean it:)

Now...did you all finish your shopping and wrapping and hyperventilating (oh, that was just me?) and more wrapping and shipping this weekend?? I did!!! YIPPPPPEEEE. All my packages went off into postal land today and I am SO relieved!!! I'm so horrible with capturing all the action with my camera...but I did get a couple snaps of these little gifts;)
Really just the tip of the to speak! You aren't seeing the mounds of stickers, paper, shred, boxes, ribbons...etc. etc. But I did it! Can you tell that I am soooo excited to have this DONE!? After a weekend of nothing but wrapping...I don't have much to I have a few pictures of my newest painting! I just listed my JANUARY addition to my mini month series! You can find "The January Girls" at auction on ebay here! I'll need to be a little more thorough next time...but here is a quick journey in the life of one of my collage paintings:)

1. canvas is prepped and painted black...then it's idea time ...roughly painted in ivory

2. Idea is growing...

3. outline and let's add some hair and clothes!

4. facial features are forming!

5. totally missed a few steps of fine tuning and more layers of paint...and VOILA!

6. don't forget the sides!!

Have a happy Tuesday!! Christmas is here in 1 week!!!


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Jenn
It is ALWAYS such a treat to visit your blog as each time I do you have some real visual treats for all to see.. I loved to see how your painting evolved from start to finish.
Clever wonderful you!
I hope that you can start to put feet up a little more now and reeeelaaaaax !
Love Michelex

Counting Your Blessings said...

You make it look so easy, like anyone could do it and I'm fairly sure that I couldn't! Wonderful paintings and congratulations on 100 Etsy!! Blessings... Polly (hopped over from afancifultwist) said...

OH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo amazing!!!! WoHoooo 100 sales, yippeeeeeeeee said...

Hey, where did my comment go?? are you hiding it?? hee heee.. I said, wooopeddy dooo yaya for 100!! You are incredible!! xoxo

coco said...

That was really cool to see how your paintings form. Have a great holiday!

TJ said...

Congrats!!! :-)

I love seeing your process, very cute painting

sUz said...

Congrats on "100"! It gives you even more reason to celebrate this holiday season!
It's way cool to see how your work evolves; I love how you say your ideas "grow". Thanks for sharing!
Can't wait to see what you're up to next -
iN jOy,

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love it all! Isn't it funny how that shred just seems to grow and scatter everywhere-like it is having it's own little fun party! Love the January!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

michelle said...

Congratulations! I too finished the mailing and most of the wrapping! It is a relief! I loved seeing how one of your creations comes to be. Thanks for sharing!OH, and congrats on 100 that is a great accomplishment!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Wow wow wow! You are just amazing. I love all of your work!!!