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happy weekend...

well, crunch time has arrived! I haven't wrapped a single present....let alone buy or make all the presents I needed to buy or make. uh oh. I have so many things to box up and send off to Florida. I haven't done my Christmas cards yet. I haven't even picked out a photo of the boys for a Christmas card yet. uh oh. Are you all feeling better about yourselves yet? I'm here to help:) So, I'll transform into a little polkadot elf this weekend and try to knock it all out. Things should really be mailed out by Monday...right!? uh oh.

I listed a new little collection of ACEO cards over at my ebay site. You can find the auctions here.

I've been getting the best handmade goodies from etsy in the mail! I'm dying to show you...but they are gifts and it will spoil the surprise. Some little sneaky sneak (yes, you Mom) already figured out something for her from Vanessa ....soooo sneaky. So, no more hints!!!

Hope you all have fun weekend plans making cookies and wrapping gifts!! Enjoy it and I'll see you soon!! xoxoxoxo...jenn


sUz said...

Another great set of ACEOs - what fun!
Hope you have enlisted the help of some elves to power through your Christmas endeavors!
Here's to a productive weekend!
iN jOy,

michelle said...

It is fun when those surprises come in the mail isn't it? This is the first time I have used etsy to this extent and I am loving it! I have some cute necklaces still coming and got the coolest photo for my hubby. Just had to share in a place my sneaky sneaks won't see! Good luck this weekend! You can do it! Good thing we mothers are used to going without sleep right?

cathy said...

Lovely lovely work, well done!
You may like our magazine - please get in touch so we can work together?

Thank you