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my heart...

my blog is really starting to look "valentiney" ...huh!? I do love hearts, so this is kind of a fun holiday for me and my little art! This little canvas board creation ("my heart") can be found for sale here ... I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! I'm working away on my Valentine ornaments:) I promise I'll let you know when I'll be putting them in my etsy shop:) Thanks for stopping by today!! Peek back in soon!!!


catherine said...

i love hearts too!
and I love your work, here's to hoping maybe this new year will bring your sweet goodies to my shop!
a girl can dream right!? ;)w
happy New year!
hopes it's a wonderful one for you!

TJ said...

hearts are wonderful at anytime of year and yours especially are so sweet and darling :-)

Sadie Lou said...

That is precious. I did some original art for Valentine's Day and I posted it on Flickr, which was a huge deal for me because I haven't posted much of my own drawings--I didn't get very much feedback. Will you look at it and give me an honest opinion?
You can get to my Flickr by clicking my Flickr box on my blog (right sidebar)
Thanks so much!
~Sadie Lou

Penny Louise said...

Happy New Year! You're amazing and great! I didn't get to the post office fast enough for the January Girls pick-up today, but I'll be there first thing Wednesday. Can't wait! (And I may have to get a second job because all this art work is amazing and I want it for my very own! There I go being greedy again!)

Susan said...

I love hearts, also. They are in my vast collection of jewelry, on the shelves in my living room and show up in all my art. I really love yours. Thank you for them.
Susan K.