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the shop update is complete!

Thanks to everyone that came over to my etsy shop for the big update tonight!! A big thank you for all the love on my little ornaments too! I'm so thrilled at the wonderful response from them. I love making them:) Soooo...the ornaments are all gone. There will be more (the last of the Christmas ones) in the shop over the weekend. Here's some photos of the rest of my new pieces. I'm almost out of my precious french text that I've been hoarding forever!! I will be so depressed when it is gone! I know alot of people use copies, but I'm funny about only wanting to use originals...when it's gone, it's gone. This actually has alot to do with my pricing on these little pieces too. Makes it extra special, don't you think?

Here we go: (click on the titles to go to the listing...)

"love" vintage stamp art

and...last but not least:) my 2 new little canvas boards! Cute little 5x7 houses with a little metal word on each one. HOPE and MEMORIES. I love houses!!

hope you are all doing fab-u-lous! Thank you as always for visiting me and for all your sweet support! You mean the world to me!!!



michelle said...

Wow! That was amazing! You blink and the ornaments were gone. It was like trying to win the lottery! Well, at least you should feel loved! All the pieces were so lovely, I am still very tempted by the colorful house and couple you have up, but like you were saying earlier it isn't the best time of year for a personal purchase and I don't know that I could bear to give it away! Lol on the update!

Heather said...

These ornaments are so cute and so special! I love the little French touches, mais oui!
Congrats on the qick-as-lightening sale!