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thinking of hearts...

Hearts on my mind. Valentine hearts, that is! I have a dozen Valentine ornaments in front of me...and I just can't get in the "groove". SO...when I'm in a rut...I usually turn to my little ACEO cards! I made 4 new ones...and lotsa hearts showed up! The one with the little hearts on a string, kind of reminds me! Dark hair...always have a headband if only I had some fabulous polkadot pants!! My new art cards are on

Anyone have fabulous plans for New Years!? New Years Eve is one of those holidays that is so fun when you are dating and go to fun parties and wear cute dresses and sip (or gulp) champagne! Now the "big night" consists of a verrrrry mellow evening on the couch. I'll probably let Jake stay up and watch the ball drop. We'll probably make some cookies and give everyone (in the living room) a smooch at midnight. Come to think of it...sounds pretty good to me:)


sUz said...

I just checked my eBay favs and saw all of your new ACEOs - they are simply delightful!
Our New Year's Eve is low key too - just the way I like it.
Hope you were able to get back into your "groove".
iN jOy,

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Jenn: WOWWWW Im so in love with your Aceo's, I love them ALL, they are co cute, awesome work, and still want another one like your past banner ha ha, to late right?. Anyway this ones are awesome. Your friend Lillian

CourtneyP said...

I love your blog. It is nice to see another creative person that has a similar situation as myself. I am a stay at home mom and my world is really my two little boys ( not so little anymore ) . I find time to reconnect with my art , however it takes a backseat to playing Zingo with my littlest. I work when my guys go to bed and try to squeeze in time if they are playing nicely. It is hard to find support , because I am not living the exotic artist life and sometimes my sons glue stick works just as well as my gel medium when in a pinch! Thanks for showing your truth and the beauty that it really is. Happy New year!!

Courtney P.

michelle said...

Loooove the new Valentine things! Between you and my friend tif at loveboxes I am really starting to think about Valentines! Your new years sounds just like mine except I'm not letting kids stay up--want to watch a grown-up movie or something. It is fun though, and I don't have to worry about drunk drivers! And I bet you would be cute in polka dot pants!