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when leaf monsters go bad little henry. look at this sweet little leaf monster poking his head out. I have had the most challenging week with this guy. I'll sum it up with a brief recap of our trip to the post office yesterday. Line out the door. Jake's school bus coming in 20 mins. (I know, I can't EVER be in a hurry with a 3 year old...especially this one.) Henry doesn't want to go through the door. I have an arm full of packages...he is not budging. I try to persuade,distract,plead...nothing is working. I am dragging him through the door. Now I am dropping packages. Does ANY one help me? short answer is NO. okay, so thanks for nothing I've gotten Henry in line. Everything is going well. I remind him of our conversation at home about him being Mommy's post office helper. He smiles and says okay. 10 seconds later he is pulling his pants down and jumping up and down. Okay, now I am too close to the finish line to leave! I tell him sternly to pull his pants up. He pulls them down further. Then he puts his hands down the back of his underwear and starts jumping up and down. Then he ...I swear to God..."toots" LOUD and forever and starts cracking up laughing. Now I'm hoping for lightning to strike me rather than claim this child as my own. It's my turn. I grab Henry with 1 arm. Balance my packages with the other arm. Fish out my debit card with my elbow. Henry tells me how sorry he is. I put him down. He starts kicking me in my shin. Now (still not a word or understanding smile from a soul) I turn around and announce "Don't worry, we'll be gone in a minute."


Please tell me you go through things like this too.

Tell me I can get through this.


(here's Jake getting in on the leaf action too)

sooooo...THANK YOU so much for all the fabulous shop update love the other night!! I know I've said it before...but I reeeeeaaaalllly do have the most incredible customers and blog friends ever. Thank you so much for all the awesome encouragement and support from all of you!
Here are my little ornament friends before they went into their box.

and other little friends before they went off to their new homes...

and friends that are still available here
and here and here !
Hugs to you all. Thanks for letting me vent a bit too. This stage shall pass:)


lori said...

I, in fact, do not go through things like that (I don't have any little leaf monsters of my own just yet). But I'm certain you can get through it a gut feeling. Actually, I wish I could have witnessed the post office incident. It would have been hysterical!!!...and I would have lent you a hand with all those lovely packages.

Diane Duda said...

It gets better...but mine still behaved quite badly at the Christmas Tree farm. Name-calling, snowballs to the face - that kind of thing.
They are fine if we take them out one at a time. :)


Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh poor you Jenn.. I only remember one really excrutiating incident with my beloved son... when he was 3 years old... he decided he wanted some jelly babies and I had already decided no sweeties that day! He threw himself on the floor and wailed in the middle of a busy supermarket! I walked away pretending to abandon him but watched carefully from a few feet away and when he realised he didn't have my attention.. the tantrum stopped!
It does get easier... he is 13 years old now and a dream child!
P.s I have not forgotten your frame Jenn.. please can you mail me your address so I can post it to you..Thank you!
love Michelex

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh Jenn...yummy, yummy, yummy....where are the ornaments, though...we looked in the shop..are they already gone?

Have a blessed day...

smiles, kari and kijsa

sUz said...


I guess I have this to look forward too! I'm sure my sweet baby Elijah will pull a similar stunt - if my husband has anything to do with it. In fact, Isaac would be quite proud; he is probably disappointed that he can't do that and get away with it!

Love all your ornaments - congrats to your huge success! Can't wait for your next update!

iN jOy,

michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean and it is hard to remember that before we know it they will be in college and we will be lonely! Those are the days I usually call my mom and tell her to check ebay because her grandson will probably be showing up there soon! Oh, and by the way shame on the people in line for not helping you!