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houses, birds and puppet shows

just got back from listing a couple paintings in the little noodle and lou shop!

and a special SALE painting from 2007!

I'm finally feeling a bit like a human being again with this pesky cold. (Even though I'm still coughing up a lung!) So, tonight will be sculpting and painting some new little ladies for me!! I don't have a single thing on I'm hoping to finish some new ACEO cards too. Key word is "hoping". Henry and I did make a fabulous trip to "Home Goods" today!! Evil, evil Home Goods with all their polka dot goodness. You know how you go to Home Goods and it's really, really good. That was today. I saw a zillion things I HAD to have. Ridiculous but true. I mostly contained myself...but did get the CUTEST red and white polka dot pillows....eeeeeeek LOVE them.

and some fun red bowls...that were ONLY $3.00!!
I mean really. How could I NOT get them??
Here's 1 on top of some of our books...

and look what little Henry found!! The cutest puppet theatre with a little clock and chalk board. He has been entertaining me with puppet shows ever since!! Henry, by the way, was sooooo GOOD on our outing. He was the mayor of Home Goods...saying hello to everyone. Waving and smiling...pointing out things to me that he thought were "beautiful Mom!!!". So nice:):)

I even found some precious Cath Kidston notebooks!!! Love her stuff. It just felt so good to get out of the house for a bit. You know!!??

The wonderful Suz gave me the sweetest award over on her blog:) Thank you so much for my "you make my day" award!!! I think the rules are that I have to pick blogs now that make my day. How can I do that!!?? You ALL make my day!! Every single one of you in my blogroll!! Am I cheating if I say you all make my day???

I also was just tagged by the lovely Lillian to name 5 random things about me. I promise to do that on my next post. I'll leave you tonight with a photo of my "ribbon tree". I was so excited when I thought of this! I stuck my ribbon spools on my little desk tree!! I have such limited space and love that my ribbons are tidy and easily available now! Silly things like this make me happy:)



michelle said...

What a yummy post! This is why I just love visiting you! What a cute puppet theater and puppeteer! Sounds like a fun adventure! And what treasures you made and discovered!

sUz said...

hi jeNn,

I'm in love with your houses!
Sounds like you had a great day out - love your goodies and that puppet theater - what a find!

iN jOy,

love.boxes said...

Your new little houses are so darling Jenn and I love your ribbon tree too!

love.boxes said...

Oh and the pillows! To die for cute polka spots!

Holiday Queen said...

Love your paintings! I'm off to check out you etsy store.

catherine said...

As always you kill me! LOVE everything, and your house, and houses, and the little bell cloche with a doll, the pillows, the ribbon's too much, i'm swooning.
now i'll have to figure in a Home goods stop as well, it has that same effect on me, bad place!
love your picture too, glad to finally put a face to the blog and kind remarks! you are adorable!
hope your day is productive!

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Jenn: You new pillow is Beautiful and you new houses are so cute. I love the puppet theater is adorable. I also love the painting of New York, you should show us that one too, it look sooo cute. How sad we dont have any Home Goods stores here in Texas :(. Have a wonderful day Lillian.

Anonymous said... many fun things you've got going on. I really like the girl with the skirt painting! Did you finish the 3-D houses yet? I like the idea of a ribbon tree..may have to do one of those:)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oh Jenn,
We have so much in common! My whole house is covered in red and white stripes and polka dots. I collect red and white mixing bowl sets, pillows, name it. Check my blog when you get a chance because I just added a post with a children's book artist you would like...or maybe already do.
Have a great night.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

See...first I bought your art, then you bought mine. Children's books, polka dots...we were meant to be friends!
Yes, I did read your post about Maira Kalman, that's what made me think of you when I posted today.

Oh...and we both have a Jake!


CourtneyP said...

Love your new painting. My boys have that same puppet theatre. What fun yours will have!

coco said...

Aww.. thanks for the nice words and i feel so honored, I've never been on anyones bloglist --thanks! I love your bird painting! For some reason, when I saw your house paintings, I thought they would make wonderful wallpaper. Have a good weekend!

Debbie Egizio said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Shopping always makes me feel better. Love your polka dot pillow purchase. How fun! Everything you posted is so fun!!