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it's getting late...

I'm up late working and needed a quick break! So, I'm popping in to say hello to all of you:) What are you doing tonight? All snug in your beds? Sleeping? Very smart of you!!

I am so behind for my little shop update tomorrow! This is classic Jenn though. I am a horrible procrastinator and always work much better under pressure. So...a couple cups of coffee later...

I think I've got a little more work in me;)
I was feeling quite sorry for myself yesterday and didn't get quite as much accomplished as I had hoped. I had to visit the dermatologist for my annual skin check. It was a new doctor and I was prepared to go in and be humiliated and stand naked in front of some stranger while they grope at every inch of your skin. I go in the room. The nurse says "she'll be in in a minute." I say, "where's the gown?". She says, "no gown...we go article by article." huuuuuhhh??? Lady comes in and starts the check. "Take off your shirt first" oooookay. "okay, put your shirt back on" "Take off your pants." What the hell. It was freezing out. I have leggings, socks and boots on. They stand there and watch me take all these things off. I'd have to say...much more humiliating then the naked with a gown on deal. Then I'm standing there with just a shirt. "Okay...put your pants back on" They watch me do all that. creepy. Then she has to do a biopsy on one spot. I figured they would...they go off in the corner and do something and then here she comes at me with a shot. I'm like hellllooo? You're doing it right now? UGH. The whole thing was the pits! I hate going to the doctor.
This very well could be way too much information for you that were just stopping by to see what I'm working on!!
I will see you all Thursday night with a post full of lovely new treats to make up for all this dermatologist yuckiness!


Lorajean said...

Jenn I'm so in love with you pretty dolls!! I hope keep making them. they are so sweet!! Yikes I don't blame you about not wanting to go to the doctors!! Have a great night. P.S. I'm not sleeping either, I'm typing late night blog posts.

Jenn said...

Hi Lorajean!! Thank you:)
OMG, I just saw your new little papier mache girl! She is adoooorable!!! xoxo jenn

CourtneyP said...

hi Jenn, I hope your night went well and you got much work done. I always get more done in a short amount of time vs.having all day to work on something.

Sorry about the doctor , hopefully all is o.k.


sUz said...

hi jeNn,

Eeeeeek! Talk about drawing out an uncomfortable procedure! I had a skin check last spring while I was pregnant. I just remember sitting there with my butt hanging out waiting for the doctor. I hope your biopsy results give you peace of mind.

Late night is the time for me - I get the most done then too. I like the idea of shop updates because they force me to get things done.

iN jOy,

annas dreams blog said...

I hate go to the doctors and those tiny gowns, and even more when they ask you to move to other room...:( I wish those gowns were made from stretch material ha ha , but after a lot of fertility treatments I'm already used to. Your dolls are really adorable.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hey Jenn,
"Annual Mole Patrol"...that's what we call it in our house:) Not fun! If it makes you feel any better, my Dr. is like 101 yrs. joke! I sit on the table waiting and I look at his framed degrees that look like ancient relics!
Anyway, your story gave me a laugh. Thanks!

Susan said...

Yikes, Heaven forbid that they (the Doctors) make it any easier on us gals. We do what we have to do,though, don't we?
Your little girls are so, so cute. I want to do some. I know, we will all do some and then get together and have a tea party!
Susan K.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jen! Your Valentine doll is A D O R A B L E ! Your best work so far, as far as I am concerned. She is so whimsy, love her red hair! Good luck in this new doll making venture! Doctors do not really freak me out, we have a couple of reknowned doctors in the family on my husband's side, working in the US, and seeing them in their out of work life makes me realize how they are just normal people. I see them more like people helping other people with the acquired knowledge and experience. I also take some and leave some ... and this is what they advise ;-) Have a great weekend! LuLu