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little cuties...

How was your weekend everyone?? We are all sick with gross colds here at the noodle and lou house. Yuck. On a happy note....Jake had an International Dance Program at his school last Friday. It was phenomenal! I literally had tears in my eyes. I can't believe all the dances they learned. They performed The Mexican Hat Dance, Irish Step Dance, Meringue name just a few! It was just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Here's the ham after the dance.


Speaking of hams...look at this little ham that I found:)

so...not a super productive weekend. But we had fun layin' around watching movies and playing with clay. Jake made a super cool dragon...but I can't take a picture until we fix the legs (he says!). I made some teeny houses. Here they are waiting for paint.

Thanks for peeking in on me today! And thank you for all your sweet comments!! You are all so supportive and each message I get is like a little hug from you. THANK YOU!!! xoxoxo..jenn


Michelle said...

Hi Jenn!

It is so nice to "meet" you. I was at Jackie's house today for the kickoff. Wish you could have been there. I am looking forward to getting to know you. I LOVE your art! I got to see a couple pieces today that Jackie owns and my heart skipped a beat.


Anonymous said...

Cutest "Hams", I tell ya! Sounds like a fun weekend (minus the yucky colds). Congrats on the new blog!! I just checked it out and saw your picture! You are beautiful! You ought to post it on your site..and ham it up yourself:)
That looks like a cool site and great group of artists. I just "met" Debbie online via her site and she seems really cool and I like her art too. You're branching out~Congrats!!
ps..ran errands all yesterday and today we had nothing but snow, so I just finished up my dolls. Nothing terribly interesting:)

Anonymous said...

..p.s.s....cute houses!!

Susan said...

Your little "hams" are so cute. I just checked out the Folks and Friends, and I can certainly see where they get that cuteness!
This is a great site, happy for you.
Susan K.

Lorajean said...

Lovely little houses! We were sick this weekend too. :( hope you're all feeling better. I Love the folk art website!!! Thanks!

annas dreams blog said...

Hello Jenn: Your little ones are adorable, like their mother. We also were sick but we are better, I also hope that your children get better. Thanks for your comment in my blog, and I want that you know that you are a fabulous and sweet cyber-friend. Thanks for all the support all the time. :) LiLLIAN

annas dreams blog said...

ItMe again Jenn:) I Forgot to say that I love you little houses, and the folk art website is Beautiful, I love it!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks everybody!!! I've gotta paint those houses up...I'm thinking it's give-away time!!! :) xoxoxo...jenn

michelle said...

Fun post! Two cuties,like their mom! I visited the folk art and friends site and was impressed too! We have had wave after wave of germs at our house too, the beauty of elementary age kids I guess. The little house are so fun! Thank you so much for being so kind about my little wanna-be painting. Someday I want to own a "real" Jenn! Gotta beef up my paypal account first. Really, thank you for being so generous, some artists would have been offended. You are just such a lovely bloggy friend!

coco said...

Your new art group looks so exciting! Congratulations!

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

I have to say you have the most delicious looking hams!

So I had to check out your new blog and there you were! Your are gorgeous, and that beautiful skin! It's really great to have a face with all the sweet comments and art. :)

LOVE the houses - would you consider selling them?

iN jOy,

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hey Jenn,
Your boys are adorable! We had lots of basketball games (Jakes) and pizza eating this weekend.
Congrats on the new site! Yet another cool stop on my daily internet romps. I'm never going to get anything done:)

lori said...

Yes, you've certainly got some cuties there! Hooray for the FolkArtandFriends website. It was nice to see a picture of you; now I can put a face with the words (and see where those cuties got it from).
I love the tiny clay houses.