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lovely treats to enjoy...

I've been so busy recovering from the holidays, that I realized I never shared any of my treats from Christmas with you! So this will be a quick little peek...just for special YOU! (click on the red links to visit their sites!!)

Starting with these charming stockings by daisy lane designs. A wonderful site filled with pillows, animals and sachets made from recylcled vintage quilts!!
Yes, I know Christmas is over...but you can leave these out all year! They are
so sweet and perfectly shabby chic!!

I treated myself to this little Du Buh Du girl/ornament...her name is Natalene! Isn't she the most perfect glittery gem you've ever seen!?! Another treasure I will leave out all year! If you don't know Christine's shop already...hurry up and finish reading this and hurry over to her etsy shop!! (she has new dolls coming soon too!!!!)

I've been dreaming of making some little creatures of some sort...and my parents got me this cute book! No really...the name is The Cute Book! I can't wait to follow the super easy directions inside and make a whole list of characters!! I love the "bad guy"...he's holding a's hysterical:)

I also got this fabulously funky felt bag! No idea where it's from...but it's waaaay cute!

Okay...You all must own this book. Maira Kalman is my ALL TIME favorite children's author and illustrator. I buy them for the boys and hoard them all to myself because I love her illustrations so much. The Principles Of Uncertainity is a year long journal of events and musings from Maira. This link here will show you a few pages. oooooh...I love it!

My parents also got me these adorable wall art cards by Melissa Sweet for eeboo !
I'm crazy about anything with a bird on it and they have numbers too!? oooooh:)
Probably meant for a nursery, but I am totally going to frame these and group them on my living room wall!!

Well, those should keep you busy for awhile:) I love all my treats!! Thank you everyone!!

As for the rest of my week...I will be working on more Valentine ornaments. Looks like it will be next week before another shop update with them...sorry! I spent most of yesterday wrapping and shipping paintings to their new homes...Off they go!! my little toothless wonder. Otherwise known as Jake. Both front teeth are now missing and he is loving it! He's coming up with all sorts of new faces and sounds he can make with those little teeth gone! what a ham.

Much love to you all!! I'll see you sooooon!!

oh my gosh...I forgot something super important!! My sister made a print of one of her oil paintings and gave it to me for Christmas! I love this little lady!! How could I forget you!! (excuse the funky glare on the glass from my camera!!)
ok...that's it. Goodbye:)


Anonymous said... your toothless wonder! Cant wait to se the new Valentine ornaments..missed the last ones :( I love your new paitings!! I like that you have couples and friends as themes, I dont see many of those, Soo sweet!
Thanks for the mention by the way. What I should've done is make ornaments with removable ribbons for the different seasons..well something to consider:)
Congrats on being mentioned in the Wickedly Chic site! You've posted so much I know I missing things but most of all I'm jealous of your 60 degree+ weather!?!?!? Back to my dolls and thawing my frozen fingers under the hot tap water.. have a fun Wednesday!

annas dreams blog said...

Jenn your are such a fun friend. I can imagine a complete day with you searching on craft stores, antique stores, web, drinking flavored coffee, looking books at Barnes and noble, talking about our favorite things, our truesures, ohhhh that sound so great ah?. We have so much in common, I love birds too, I have a little doll that I love to much, and love love antiques and old fashion things. That is one of the reasons that make you so special, that you share your precious stuff to all of us. We should save some money and attend a folk show out of our state...sound sooo fun ah? Thank You Jenn for being You!. Now its my turn to share my stuff righ? Lillian

Kari & Kijsa said...

A full post of fabulousness (and one adorable toothless wonder!!!) Love all your goodies-we are off the see more about them!!

kari & kijsa

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Jenn,
I love all of your goodies! I posted a few of my gifts on my blog as well:) It's fun to share!
Tracy/ The Vintage Sister

love.boxes said...

I adore your artwork. I was sent over here by my friend Michelle, who said I would love your artwork and indeed I do. Brilliant!

michelle said...

Well obviously you are well loved and well known! They all found you such marvelous treasures! And cute little toothless!

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

Thanks for sharing your Christmas treasures with us! I LOVE the set of bird cards you received.

Your Jake looks SO proud! Will the the toothfairy bring him anything special?

iN jOy,

sUz said...

P.S. ohhhh - I just remembered that Jake has already been visited by the toothfairy - and he really made out!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Wow!!! That doll is gorgeous!
Looking forward to seeing your Valentine designs!

Diane Duda said...

Lovely indeed!
Especially that toothless one!!!


Liz said...

Jenn... obviously you have lots of admirers!! Gosh, how naive of me to think I was your TRUE admirer! LOL!

It's apparent that you bring so much joy to so many of us.


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Look at your beautiful work and your gorgeous gifts too! Yikes, lucky you! It's so nice to meet you. xx