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the making of a cone hat couple

Cone Hat Couple.

It all starts with a vintage text wrapped canvas...and the story begins!

A creamy sketch of the little couple. I knew I wanted them to have very tall cone hats. Because...really is there any other way to wear a cone hat!? Tall is all the rage.

They receive some rough facial features and thick outlines.

I decided they will be Valentine folk. So, of course she must wear red! Not sure about Mr. Cone Hat yet...hmmmmmmm.

uh oh...Ms. Cone Hat looks worried. Like maybe Mr. Cone Hat will not return her love. But he will!! I'll have to fix her expression...

Much better! And Mr. Cone Hat is so confident in his pink and red striped collar. I think he has a big Valentine evening planned. Ms. Cone Hat says she really doesn't care about Valentine's long as she has his heart and he has hers.

She gets a "beautiful" vintage scrap. And he gets a "handsome" vintage scrap.

Polka dots added to the background and some beautiful French text added to the sides. Hello and Happy Valentine's Day Cone Hat Couple!! I'm on my way to put them in my etsy shop:)
One last thing to share for today. I rarely make things for myself...but I had this super long piece of wood and wanted to paint a skinny house on it! I had these funky vintage sentences that I love on there! Really hard to get a good photo...but here it is:)

Happy Tuesday night to you all!!


sUz said...

hi jeNn,

Your funky cone hat couple is a hoot! I LOVE the present you made for yourself. You deserve a nice treat.

iN jOy,

Susan said...

Love the Cone Hat couple. Thanks for sharing the process. You are one "cool chick", and you definitely deserve a treat.

Danita said...

Hi Jenn!
I love your super taaaaaaaaaaall house!
I too rarely make something for me, and the one I did was a house :P not that tall but I like it :)
Your process is so fun to watch!

michelle said...

I love the beautiful Valentine couple! Thanks for showing us some of the magic! Do you use acrylic paints? And good for you making yourself a treat, have to do that sometimes or it might not be fun anymore!

Diane Duda said...

I love those silly sentences! :)
The house would make a lovely honeymoon cottage for the cone hat couple.


syko kajsa said...

Thank you for sharing your painting process, very fascinating! Love the tall house!!!

Jackie said...

Love the tall house!! Its definitely a keeper! The cone hat people are fun too~ Enjoy the day! Jackie

Anonymous said...

I love how you show step by step how your paintings are constructed! Painting was one of those thing I couldnt do well. I'd stare at the canvas and become paralyzed with doubt. I love the fact you have a guy in there with a cone hat too:) And the idea of roses and pears and the neighbors is quite charming:)!!!

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Jenn: Love your cone hat couple, and your house is Beautiful, very good idea. I tag you, we need to know 5 more things about you :). The first one I will say: You are so sweet!!!!

julie (jane's apron) said...

wow...I love to see how things are made...very cool. And I also love tall house (with the cute sentence!)

Debbie Egizio said...

How wonderful to see your process. It's like watching magic happen. I had the great opportunity to see one of your amazing pieces in person at Jackie's (Fat Jak originals)house on Sunday. Your work is even more splendid in person. What a treat to be able to see one up close.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you work! I have been reading your blog for a while, but realised I have never commented! You are now a 'favourite place' on my blog!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Love them Jenn! Thanks for sharing the whole process to from beginning to end.

Your the best!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the cone hat couple!! You always put a smile on our faces!!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Lovely paintings and tons of fun. LOVE the tall house. Wicked cool. I never paint anything for myself either. If I hang one of mine, I end up selling it and then there's a big hole in my wall!

Tif said...

Love the house painting you did for your house! Sometimes it's fun to paint for yourself. Good for you!