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new treats and a cool feature!!

whew! I finished my noodle and lou shop update last night and even updated ebay with some new aceo's and my little aceo sized canvas paintings that I'm soooo excited about! I love the teeny canvas and it has staple free sides! sooooo cool! I'm envisioning a whole wall of them. Wouldn't that be so fun!?

All these new treats had a bit of a Valentiney feeling. Any excuse to use hearts!
I felt like making this little queen a redhead! celebration of love is over at etsy...

Of course, sparkly mica made a few appearances as well! I love you is at etsy too!

Let's not forget some polka dots in bright pinks and reds. Lulu's Cupcake now on etsy:)

I got a wonderful surprise yesterday as well! Wickedly Chic (click on the name to peek at their site!) featured my strength collage on their "daily ditties"!! Thank you so much Wickedly Chic!!

The weather here on Long Island was GORGEOUS today! And, tomorrow is supposed to get up to the mid 60's!!!! yipppppeeee!! I know it's we are fully prepared to enjoy every moment of this beyond bizarre weather! I hope you are all enjoying your Mondays. I'll be back soon with details...but I'm thinking of adding more Valentine ornaments towards the end of the week?? I'll keep you posted...
Bye Bye for now dear readers!! xoxoxo...jenn


sUz said...

Hi jENn,
Love your new "mini's" - they are so sweet! I am so happy that you have a redheaded queen; that painting could easily be my husband and me :).
The weather here is unseasonably warm too - I had the windows wide open in the middle of winter!
Congrats on being featured on the "daily ditty".
iN jOy,

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jen! Your new mini paintings are adorable! Your ornaments too! Boy! you are so productive! How do you do it? It is my first resolution of the year, to work faster, bolder and less hesitantly sometimes, to be fearless in other words!!!! Back to work tomorrow, I am so excited! Take care and have a great week! LuLu xxx

Susan said...

Ohh, just love the teeny canvas. I do so love your style. It's super warm here in Virginia, also. How long can it last? Let's enjoy it.
Susan K.

michelle said...

Everything is so lovely! You are really getting me in a mood for Valentine's Day! Love it all!

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Jenn: I LOVE when you altered your Aceos with stamps. And Lulu is do you do it?, your are ver very productive, and Im glad for that, this way we can see more Beautiful work of you. My daughter return to school today, does any your kids go to school yet?. Take care Lillian. :)

Jenn said...

Thank you so much sweet Suz, lulu, Susan, Michelle and Lillian!!!

Lulu and Lillian...I just work every chance I get it seems! I'm a bit of a night I'm up 'till 2:00 am most nights. That is when I get the most done. I do take nights off though (like work for me...I'm sleeeeeepy!!).

Lillian, my boys are 7 (jake) and 3 (henry). Jake goes to 2nd grade and Henry goes to a little day school for a couple hours twice a week. I don't know what I'll do with myself once Henry is in kindergarten!! Maybe I won't have to stay up all night working;) Was your daughter glad to go back to school? Jake wasn't:)

xoxoxoxo...jenn said...

I LOVE your beautiful creations!! They inspire me!! xoxo

love.boxes said...

Those Valentine ornaments are soo darling!