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self-portrait dollie

A little something special has been brewing in the noodle and lou studio. And, I've been soooo excited about it because it's the most fun I've ever had (almost!). Then I peeked over, today, at the incredibly talented Vanessa at The Fanciful Twist and almost fainted over her GORGEOUS new dolls!! Between Du Buh Du Designs and could I show you my little creation! Eeek! I will swallow my fright and share her with you. Her name is Jenn...because she is a little self portrait dollie:)'s not the best picture on earth...and it's my first time ever making a doll from clay...but I love her:) She'll sit with me at my desk and watch over my other little creations!! Here's a few more pictures of her birth:)

I used Sculpey clay idea if that is "good to use"...but I loved it! After making my forms, I baked the clay at 275 for the alotted time. (of course I had to make her head many of my little gals like to stand like that..hehe). She cooled and cured and this is probably where a professional would sand her? I didn't do that;) I used acrylic paints to paint her skin and to give her a face, striped stockings and little black flats. I stitched a little dress from some favorite fabric scraps (polka dots OF course!) ...used felted black wool for the hair and a teeny ribbon for her headband. I just used some wire to attach her limbs. I added a little heart on the chest too. Thanks for peeking in today and meeting little jenn!!


Heather said...

Oh Jenn, I love her!!!! She is darling! Will you be making more to sell? I just might have to try to make a doll myself!

Du Buh Du Designs said...

Well its about time you made dolls of your girls!!!!!!Love Jenn! She is so sweet and her expression is perfect and she looks like she walked out of one of your paintings. How big is she? I did a few with striped stocking but everytime I've tried since they've been a pain to do. Cant wait to see more!!:)
XO, Christine

Jenn said...

awwww, Thanks SO much Heather!! You must make's sooo much fun! I might make some to sell if I get a bit braver:)

And Thank you dear Christine!! She is 7 inches tall...and those striped tights are tough aren't they! I meant to do black and white...but the black was so time consuming...I stayed with black and "flesh":) hehe

Thank you SOOOO much for looking and your sweet compliments you guys!! xoxoxo..jenn

lori said...

Jenn, she is adorable...ADORABLE!!! You did a wonderful job. She looks so much like one of your paintings. And those striped stockings are perfect.

Susan said...

Oh, Jenn...She is so cute. I also worked on a dolly today, but I don't know if she will ever be worthy of being shown. I'm not quite that brave yet. I'll let you pave the way!
Susan K.

sUz said...

She is awesome! I really hope you'll consider making them to sell. They just seem like a natural extension of what you're already doing. The best part is you're having FUN! Hooray!
Thanks for sharing the "birth".
iN jOy,

Jenn said... guys are the SWEETEST!!! Thank you my wonderful blog friends!! xoxoxoxo...jenn

michelle said...

What is in the air? Between you and Vanessa I sure wish I would catch the beautiful-clay-doll bug! I agree, she really does look like she stepped out of one of your paintings and you should be very pleased with yourself! Love her!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Is there no end to your talents Jenn.. She is wonderful and so original... love her!


CresceNet said...

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CourtneyP said...

Love the doll Jenn. She is so cute. It is nice to see how you are extended your trademark theme into different dimensions.

Courtney P.

annas dreams blog said...

Jenn Your doll is sooo Beautiful B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... I want to have one!!!! And she really look like your pictures, and love that she has a heart, I'm sure is beating for the emotion to see her talented Mom. She is my niece Jenny :) Lillian

LuLu said...

SHE IS GRRRRREAT ! And different, which is the thing about art that I appreciate the most these days. Stay yourself is what I would like to shout to anyone reading this, keep creating in YOUR style and the evolution will be astonishing. So many artists are now working in such a similar way that they are hard to distinguish from one another. Being inspired by a favorite artist is one thing but copying the style exactly is something else... INDIVIDUALITY is the key on the web... Your art is always great and different and you are a fantastic person too! Cheers to your new doll making talent!

I am so glad you will be participating in my Year OF THE RAT ART EVENT, which is coming soon, on February 7 2008!

EVERYONE is invited to participate, so let's all be creative in a mousy way. Just have fun and use what you want, paper, glue, paint, glitters, recycled stuff, canvas, photography and anything else that tickles your wiskers. I announced this event in December on my blog and did not get as many responses as I was hoping. So, I will bait you with a cheeseless trap to have you wiggle your tail and get you started. I invite you to post a picture of your Year of the Rat creation, be it Mickey Mouse, Three Blind Mice, Rat Fink or anything else of the kind on my blog on FEBRUARY 7 2008. The day after I will put each participant's name on a piece of paper, put the names in a jar and draw one name to be announced as the winner of this swell YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT CONTEST. The prize will be a YEAR OF THE RAT SURPRISE BAG created and assembled by moi, your truly, LuLu. No more details... If you want the Surprise Bag you MUST participate by showing off your talents, creativity, humor, artistic sense, great imagination, amazing craftsmanship and maybe unknown skills on this rodent subject. Need more info, just contact me on my blog.

catherine said...

oh my gosh!
LOVE that doll!
i actually started out making dolls years ago, ~ might have to go back to thinking about those again!
thanks for the inspiration!
SOOOOO cute!
catherine said...

OH YAY!!!! How wonderously wonderfully!! I LOVEher!!!!!!! xoxoxo

the oddbird studio said...

Your doll is just as cute as can be... You did a fantastic job. Makes me want to get my clay out and start to work.

Diane Duda said...

She's (you're) beautiful! :)


Heather said...

She is so precious! I love her, and the little heart detail on her form is so sweet. I think your doll is fantastic, and your first one (jealous!~)

Jackie said...

She is lovely!! So cute.
I use paper clay, you dont have to bake it :) Can't wait to see more!! Smiles, Jackie

Funky Art Queen said...

I love these dolls girl! I want to try that. I also like to make dolls. These are so precious.