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(another) fresh, clean start!

Good News! I had a sort of productive night last night...and feel like I can announce another shop update! Not completely sure if it will be very big...but I will have more Easter/Spring inspired ornaments... a handpainted picture frame or 2...and a couple little painted wooden plaques:) New Lulettes are STILL in the works. One might find her way to the update:) They will be complete soon, I promise!!

etsy shop update

come on over
saturday, march 1st
9:00 p.m. (EST)

see you then!!

Now...onto fresh starts. Will someone please remind me that I am moving in 4 or 5 months!? I have moved my studio space around AGAIN! I just had to though. You don't understand. Actually, maybe you do! When I wrap something up to ship off...I make the HUGEST mess in the world. I only had my one little desk space for painting/collaging/sculpting/and wrapping. This equals a pile of unmanageable mess. Don't get me wrong. I am super grateful for this space. But this little photo might prove my point a bit.

That remote doesn't even go to anything upstairs! And jelly beans balancing on top of a canvas balancing on top of a jar of gel medium? yikes. Maybe the space isn't too small. Maybe I'm just a piggy. Now through the magic of cleaning...

sparkle, sparkle!! I brought up the old red table to use as my "shipping station"!! I am so thrilled with this...I barely have words!!! This one teeny change created a humongous chain reaction of moving and cleaning out things. I think I'm nesting. Not the pregnant nesting (sorry Mom)...but the AHHHHH! I'm moving soon nesting.

I even cleaned out my white storage shelves! I have a whole bin of goodies for the thrift shop and I feel like I can breathe a little better.

I hung my lovely print from Suzette at Studio Spiral on the side of my little dresser. I love it so much and now I can see it everytime I'm sitting at my desk:)

So, that's it! Hope you enjoyed these peeks into my work space. It will never be this clean again. Well...not until the next clean out;) xoxoxo...jenn


Gis said...

What a beautiful work space :D :D :D

Kimberly said...

HI Jenn -
Wow - thanks for the sneak peak into your studio. I can see why you are so inspired in your work - You have surrounded yourself with lots of creative mojo! Now I'm thinking its time I get mine in order!

:) - Kim

Lorajean said...

I love your four little pedestal containers! I'm a compulsive re arranger! I Love to rearrange every four months or so. Lovely workspace! Looking forward to the update!

anniebeez said...

Wowie! Your space looks great! I am so jealous of your huge canvas stash! Do you buy in bulk? What brand are they? I love your little animals and dolls too-did you make them all? They are wonderful! Great work space-a fun place to play!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

My work space needs a major overhaul. But everytime I clean it up, I just turn around & mess it up. Then I put things away & never find them again. So I'm better off not cleaning. HA! Hugs***Renea

Anonymous said...

What a fabulously inspiring studio. Love it. That remote cracked me up and reminds me of my house/kids. =-) The Jennifer Murphy dolls...can't believe you're a fan too. Thanks for bringing yummy images into our flu ridden home. You warmed my heart.

xoxoxoxo hivers

Krissysart said...

Ah, I feel your pain. I am moving in 4 weeks from today....YIKES! But, I will finally have my first studio space that is not in the corner of my bedroom (WooHoo!!). Excitement abounds in the Feighery household!
Good Night,

Carmen said...

What a great space! I can totally relate to the first picture, infact, my computer desk looks a lot like that right now.

farmerjulie said...

so crisp and clean! i am envious! are you moving?
We may be moving this summer. i dread it!

michelle said...

Oh it looks so great! You make me want to work on my work space, or find it even!

Tif said...

So fun to see! I am always inspired to see other artist's work space!

bumblebird said...

I am in awe of your organized creative space. Where do you find the time? ;D Looking forward to your update...I love your little Lulettes. Have a great weekend!

~dani~ said...

Love seeing other artists workspace! It is amazing how similiar all of our spaces usually are. Thanx 4 sharing~