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a quick hello

Just a quick hello to you all! I've been quite absent from my blog this week and I do miss you!! It just seems when it pours. And it has been pouring around here. The worst was yesterday...I had to take my 7 year old to the ER. He became really sick Thursday night. Friday I called the Dr. and he said to get him to the hospital. An all day and night stay in the ER...with blood work, chest x-rays (they thought pneumonia), and a cat scan (they thought appendicitis) came up with (thank GOD) just a horrible virus. I have never seen Jake that sick. It was so scary. He was such a trooper through the whole thing. And, he is feeling much better today. I, however, feel like I've been hit by a train. I'm mentally and physically exhausted!! I do have new things to show you and to put in the shop...and on my much neglected ebay site...but I've just been to exhausted!! So...I think I'll add some goodies tomorrow night. Sunday 2/18.

Thank you for all the Valentine love. Your hugs and kisses and sweet words meant so much!!
See you tomorrow:) xoxo...jenn


coco said...

Its the hardest thing isn't it? I hope your son is feeling better. Hang in there.

anniebeez said...

So glad he is doing better. Its so scarey when little ones get that sick. Get some rest! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh glad your little guy is on the mend Hope things calm down for you! Take care & sleep well!:)

Michelle Sylvia said...

So sorry to hear this. I am glad that it is nothing serious. Gosh, there is some nasty stuff floating around out there at the moment. I hope your little angel feels better real soon.

Hang in there and I hope you stay in your jammies and relax tomorrow.

Huge Hugs,

michelle said...

AAaaah! Horror of horrors! So awful! So glad he is feeling better but I hope you made it to bed early!

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I'm so sorry that happened! I hope he's on the mend and is back to 100% in no time.Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Susan said...

Oh, wow, I didn't realize he would have to go to the E.R. Give him a big hug from all us bloggers. We will be over soon to help with that mound of laundry. Make some tea and wait for us.
Susan K.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh Sweet Jenn, sounds just awful! You must have been so crazy worried!!! I am so glad it is just a virus!!! Poor little one & mommy!! Oh my!! Huge hugs from over here!!! Take rest if you can! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,
So sorry to hear about Jake. Poor little dude! Glad it was nothing serious. Both of you get lots of rest, and drink lots of fluids. I'm a nurse, what can I say. Take good care!! Amy Wingate.

Christine said...

That's downright scary! Glad to hear it's "only" a virus"..Love it when they downplay it while your kid is sicker than a dog. Get some sleep and relax a little..oh wait.. we're Mom's we never get those things:)
Take care:)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Get well hugs for your Jake and I'm sending some ZZZZ's your way too!
I hope this week will be better for you.

Jackie said...

Oh My goodness! If I was closer I'd bring ya chicken soup! I hope you all feel better and get much need rest. Take care, Hugs....Jackie