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xoxoxo to the blog world!!

I love being a part of this art blogging community so much! I know I've said it before...but you are all the best! I really didn't know what to expect when I started this. Would anyone even visit me? Would anyone really want to read what I wrote!? Would I be able to keep up with it?? Now I am creeping up on my 100th post (hooray!!). Not only do you visit me...but you shower me with love and support!! I am such a lucky gal and I appreciate you all tons and tons. I have made the most fabulous friends...all over the world. Your blogs and comments and creations and families...ALL inspire me daily. THANK YOU!!

A very special blog friend Susan from A Walk In The Park...awarded me the You make my day Award. Susan makes MY day whenever I visit her. She is so full of life and has the sweetest spirit! Thank you for such a huge compliment Susan. xoxoxo

Then I received an Art Blogger award from the super talented and sweet Tascha! Thank you so much Tascha. I feel like I won an Oscar:) ( I don't get out much. Don't judge me!) This is so, so special:):) Not only does Tascha create beautiful art...she makes art videos for us!! Really fabulous. Thank you again made my day!!

Now comes the part that I am TERRIBLE at!! I'm supposed to pass these on to other bloggers that inspire me. The reason I am so bad at this is that I can't ever choose just a few! I feel like I'm back in middle school picking teams for kickball or something. I don't want to leave anybody out. (Can you tell how terribly indecisive I am? I am not fun to eat out with!) I hope this doesn't diminish the beauty of the award. It's just that you ALL inspire me. You are ALL beautiful art bloggers. Take a peek at my blog roll over there on the right! Look at all those beautiful, talented people! Hey YOU...yes YOU! YOU deserve these awards!! xoxoxo....jenn
Okay guys...I am having a terrible guilt trip that I am not passing this award on! So I am editing this post and adding 4 fabulous artist/bloggers that are new (-ish) to blogging! I'm so glad you all have blogs:):) You do not have to pass this award on...only if you'd like to:):) xoxox


Lorajean said...

Oh Jenn, you deserved both awards! Your blog is great and so id your work! Have a great day!

michelle said...

Oh jenn you are so sweet and cute! You deserve both awards!

annas dreams blog said...

Jenn you deserved those two awards and thousand more, because you are such a sweet friend, talented and I'm sure everybody enjoy read your blog everyday. Congratulations. If I create an award for your would be "THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL FRIEND" I really appreciate your friendship. An WOOWWWWW my first award YOU ARE Amazing Thank You Thank You, I wish I could give you a Huge Hug. :) Lillian

annas dreams blog said...

Ohhhhh Im more excited, not just one award TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thank You :), Blessings Lillian

Krissysart said...

Oh, thank you! I'm so happy to be part of this community as well. It is so inspiring and invigorating to share thoughts with other artists. You're so sweet, jenn. My first award! Yea!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Jenn, thank you so much for the awards! I couldn't believe it, I was sooooooooo excited!!! I love your blog & your art work, it always makes me smile. Again thanks! Hugs****Renea