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Happy 100th!!!!!!

Oh little noodle and lou blog!! Happy 100th post to you!!! Let's party! Come celebrate with me...My husband made cupcakes!! Wasn't that nice!?
Go ahead...take 2! I won't tell!! Little rat and Tiny Betsey are celebrating with some tea...
Go grab your tiny tea cup and join in! If it weren't for YOU and YOU and YOU...yes...YOU too...I wouldn't have any reason to celebrate at all! Thank you for visiting me here. Thank you for your beautiful comments and supportive words. Thank you for peeking in on my world and in turn sharing yours with me! I really do care about you all! I don't always have the time to write each of you back but each comment is like a little gift for me. I appreciate them all.

Now...back to the celebration. My boys are dancing around. Let's pretend it's for my blog celebration;) (the reality is this is what they are always house is like a 24/7 dance party)
And here are my special treats for you! Just leave me a comment on this post and you will be entered for my

100th noodle and lou blog post give-away!!!

There are a few prizes for all you noodle-ettes!!! The 1st prize is a special "favorite things" 4x6 inch painting....dedicated to all my blog friends. The little house has a vintage scrap that says friends. I had to include my favorite black & white polkadots and a little self portrait of moi:)

2nd prize is a pack of my little friends postcards and a little friends magnet from cafepress! I will get your address from you and have these shipped directly from cafepress to special YOU!

And the 3rd prize is available to you all! This Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY (3/18 and 3/19) take 30% off anything in my etsy shop! Just write BLOG PARTY in the comments section of your purchase and wait for me to send you a revised invoice!! This applies to all things in my shop including items already on sale! (Does NOT apply to commissions or special orders...sorry!!)

Just a few ways to say thank you so much to all of you! I will draw the winners names on Friday 3/21 you have until then to leave me a comment to enter! Sending you EACH a big Hug and a Kiss!! Let's go eat some more cupcakes!!



anniebeez said...

Jenn what a wonderful celebration you are having!Your little boys are too cute! Mine were that small just a few short years ago! Now they are teens and the youngest is 6'3! Cherish! Don't forget to enter me!!!

love.boxes said...

Happy 100th post. You are so good at this I had assumed you were more like on your 1000th post. I love the photo of the little tea party! Soo cute!

All the best! Tiffany

BlueJude said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 100! Sweet hub, cute kids. My five year old never stops! Either the mouth is going or the feet are going! lol Have a Great Tuesday!

Diane Duda said...

Such "friendly" little treats!

Those boys are so funny! When mine were little we would just turn on the stereo every night and they would be content to dance/jump on the couch playing their air guitars and singing away.

Happy 100th!


bumblebird said...

Happy 100!
Jenn, you are so good to us! What wonderful gifts and a discount too? Yippee!
I love reading your blog and am so grateful that you are sharing your creative life as an artist & mom with us...looking forward to the next 100!

xox, Heather

annas dreams blog said...

Congratulations, Happy 100th post!!!!!!, Im so happy for you, I will always remember that you where the first that support me with my blog, Thank You Thank You many many times. Just imagine that Im in the same picture with your cute boys dancing ha ha. Im Celebrating with you Sweet Jenn and please enter me on you awesome contest. Huge Hug Lillian

coco said...

HAPPY 100! Now, you spell that C-O-C-O, ha! Congratulations, I always enjoy looking at your latest endeavors and enjoy reading about them. Your success is well deserved.

Scrappy Jessi said...

happy blogaversary!!
congrats on 100!!
your blog is just darling

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenn, Congrats on your 100th post. I'm partying with you! The cupcakes & tea were delicious!!!

So much fun. You are such a gift to me. Thanks for being wonderful and making such happy treasures.

I wish you much continued joy and success.

xoxoxoox hivers

beth said...

ohhh congrats to you !! those cupcakes sure look yummy !!

Victorian Lady said...

Thank you for the cupcake! Your blog is a treat to the eyes! :)


Michelle Sylvia said...

Oooohhhh Jenn! Sign me up!! Congrats on your 100th!! Your boys are adorable! Love the kitchen set too! Reminds me of the one I had as a child.

Have a wonderfully Noodle-riffic day!


Queen Bean said...

jenn,congrats! wow,100 posts, how do you do it? those cupcakes look delish!!deana

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

I LOVE being called a "noodle-ette", although I'm more of a "noodle-head"! :)

Happy 100th to you! Thank you for your sunshine and cheer. It's always a treat to read your blog!:)

I'm enjoying your cupcakes, and yes I'm having two!

iN jOy,

jamjar said...

What a lovely party, I love your paintings and your little house's are so gorgeous. please include me in your draw.

Debbie Egizio said...

Well Jen, Thanks for the tasty little cupcakes and wonderful tea. I'm dancing with you and your boys at this wonderful blog party. Congratulations on your 100th post and thanks for all the fun!

Carmen said...

Happy 100th post to you!
Happy 100th post to you!
Happy 100th post to Noodle and Lou!
Happy 100th post to you!

And many mooooooore!

Woohoo! Congrats! Neat give aways too!



Heather said...

congratulations! I love your art and your blog, here's to hundreds more posts!~

Lina said...

ooh yum cupcakes....I should have thought of a little giveaway for my 100th post, sigh. It came and went, lol. Anyhoo, have a fun celebrating day!

Catherine said...

happy 100th post!
glad to see everyone having a happy celebration!
...and a husband who makes cupcakes?
now how cute is THAT!
please pass a cupcake over here will you?!

Heather W said...

wow! Happy 100!!! I love stopping by your blog and seeing all the fabulous new things you are making!!!

Chrissie Grace said...

Count me in. Happy 100th. Your blog brings me much joy!
Chrissie Grace

Jennifer said...

Happy 100th post! Here's to many, many more!

Christine said...

Happy 100th! What a great giveaway:) You have a husband who makes cupcakes?!? Does he have a brother?( just kidding honey..)

April said...

Happy 100th post...Love your goodies and your pass those cupcakes !!

April from JaneSays

Sarah said...

Happy 100th post! I've just discovered you and your art! So fun and inspiring. Here's to 100 more!!!

Jackie said...

Congrats Jenn....your celebration with your boys looks sooo fun!! Count me in, I would love to add to my collection of your art!! Have a great day! xoxo Jackie

Susan said...

Happy, Happy! Congrats. I love making you a part of my day. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of yours. Hugs and Kitty Kisses.
Susan K.

sewfunky said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 posts!

I love your work so much!

Allikaye's Mama said...

What a fantastic day to visit your blog for the first time!! I am hooked - and adding you to my blog list!! I am going right nw to look at your etsy - I love your art! And especially your header! See you again soon! And happy 100th!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th blog! I LOVE your artwork! It makes me so HAPPY! Your boys are so handsome and what a wonderful husband to have made cupcakes!!! Have fun celebrating!!! Amy Wingate.

michelle said...

Such great prizes! I would love to win! Happy, Happy, Happy! I am so glad you blog because I enjoy you and your art soooo much!

LuLu said...

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, Jenn! Congrats on your 100th post! Would love to win that little painting of yours! Ohh! A husband that bakes cupcakes, you must take good care of him! My son used to break dance all the time, he would put the same tune over and over again. I am so thankful I took a video of him shaking his booty! Now, we watch it and at 11-years old, he CAN NOT believe he did that! Your little surprise parcel will be shipped tomorrow if all goes well! Take care, Jen, and thanks for the tea and cakes! LuLu

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Congrats Happy 100th post! The cupcakes look yummy! Love what you are giving away & would love to win one. Thanks for all your encouraging words on my site. Hugs to you, Renea
PS-Thinking about a giveaway for my 50th post, which is only 3 away from the 50th (already)!

Lynne said...

Happy 100th post and definately enjoy those cupcakes! Yum Yum.

Kimberly said...

Hip Hip Hurray! Congratulations Jenn! Thats realy really BIG!
I'm joining in on the tea party!
As always I love love love your work.. I am looking forward to the
200th celebration! :) - Kim

Kari & Kijsa said...


Happy 100th to you...we think you are one of the most talented...funniest and bestest artists around!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Liz said...

Jenn... what a wonderful gift you've been to all of us!

This is so exciting... 100 posts! I really don't know how you do it all, and do it all so well.

Here's to another 100 posts and a long, artful life for noodle and lou! It's what all of us artists want, yk? Just to create. When they say it's cheaper than therapy, it really is true! :)

as you would say: xoxo


Krissysart said...

Yeah! you know I love your stuff so much. Congrats and thanks for being so wonderful! You're such an encouragement to all of us and I appreciate you so much. have a wonderful day and yes, I'll take 2 cupcakes please!

farmerjulie said...

Happy 100th Jenn!!

Paulette Insall said...

Happy 100th Jenn you sweetie you!!! I've been blogging for so long and have switched my blog home so many times that I've lost count of how many posts I've done! LOL!


Carmen Leigh said...

Happy 100th! Love your stuf! Super cute and fun!
Best wishes!
Carmen Leigh

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Happy 100th Post Jenn!!!! I am still in shock over you having a husband that bakes. I don't know if my hubby knows where the oven is:) Well, thanks so much for the 100 posts I loved reading. Here's to 100 more!!

Christine Drevo said...

Happy 100th post. How sweet of your husband to make cupcakes and your boys are just adorable.

Can't wait to check out your Esty shop.

Have a great day!

Danita said...

Congratulations Jenn!!! Happy 100th post! You had a great celebration right? Hope you have 1000000 more!

syko kajsa said...

Thank you! I loved the cupcake! Can I have some more tea, please? And can I win a price, please?

Happy 100th post!!!!

ps. my kids were having a disco before they went to bed today too :)

jayne said...

Oh I would love to win something. Please put my name in the pot... Thank you for a wonderful blog... and sweet, sweet art...

Anonymous said...

Jenn, Happy 100th post! Thanks for sharing all your artistic energy. I feel closer to you even though there are so many miles between us. You have a wonderful family, keep up your hard work! Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Love, Aunt Judi

mia said...

jenn - congratulations!! you are so creative and inspiring!!! love you! Mom

HarleyHardcore said...

I'm loving that rat! Really! I wish I had one for my room<3 Your style is extremely nice.

And it was quite kind of him to make cupcakes! They look yummalicious!

Happy 100th post<3

Charisse said...

I am very happy I found your blog. I really enjoy the colors of peace you use in your paintings. Happy 100th Post!

Camille said...

Congratulations! I missed the sale, but next time I order from Cafepress, I'm definitely getting some of your goodies!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Happy 100!! Throw my name in the hat if it's not too late to join the dance party.

Tif said...

Congrats!! Sign me up (and pick me!!). I love your stuff.

tascha said...

I hope I can squeek in a entry :)
Happy 100th post!