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happy sunday...

one of my paintings from 2007...

Hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday! I found a little time to myself to work. I'm so behind on several projects...and I'm feeling quite motivated to finish them all...TODAY! So...I'm sitting here at my little desk under the sloped roof...listening to my favorite sweet Kate Bush. And since blogger is not letting me embed a video at this can click here to take a peek at one of my favorites. That's a really emotional if you are looking for one a little less tear jerking-ey...try here;) ooooh...I love her!!!


michelle said...

Very cute painting! Good luck catching up, I have great plans for my tomorrow. My kids go back to school! Hurray! Have a great Sunday!

Debbie Egizio said...

Happy Sunday to you too! I am happily working on some pieces too. It's pure joy when I get to create. Love this painting of yours. She looks like she's daydreaming about the cute boy in the picture. Cute!!

anniebeez said...

Love this painting Jenn, she has such a longing look! Obviously her lover is far away!

CourtneyP said...

Happy Sunday. I love that Kate Bush song. I just saw the movie "She's having my baby" with Kevin Beacan just a few weeks ago and that song is in it. How funny.

a fanciful twist said...

Hi There lovely!!! Well, Miss Kate is in my car cd player and in the studio right now!! :) Isn't that funny??? I loove your creations, just loove them!!! Happy Sunday!!! xo

love.boxes said...

This painting is one of my favorites.. what a sweet feeling it has to it!

~dani~ said...

Send me some of your oomph! I cannot finish anything! I leave for vacation in just over a week and I am hoping I will come back renewed!

annas dreams blog said...

This Painting is very romantic and beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Lillian

coco said...

Hi, happy Sunday! I like the new look around the blog, love the painting featured too! It fits perfectly with Sunday afternoon.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

This Womans Work...a tear jerker for sure. They use it for so many sad TV scenes. She is great though!
I could use some of your motivation as well! Send a little to NJ will ya?

Diane Duda said...

Hope your Sunday turned out to be as productive as you planned. I have so much to get done this week,too!
We scrubbed the rugs yesterday and now I need to move all the furniture back before I can even start working.
...and so what am I doing. Visiting blogs! :)


Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Jen for visiting my blog .
Thanks for your kind words .I love your paintings.
I love 'this' painting! Is it acrylics ? pastels ?
I would like to add your name to my links Okay ?

michelle sylvia said...

I LOVE that painting. It reminds me of myself when my husband is away......I think you should make another. wink wink :0)

Hope you are doing well.


michelle sylvia said...

I thought I posted, I probably got the code wrong..LOL

Wanted to let you know that I Love this painting. It reminds me of myself when my husband is away. I think you should make another wink wink. :0)

Hope all is well.


Kim Hardt Originals said...

I love all your new Pieces you have done lately Jenn!

Beautiful work as always!