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new Easter section at cafepress!

A few peeks at some new Easter goodies over at my cafepress shop. There are also bibs, onesies, tiles, etc! I'm still working on adding a few more things. If you have a special request for an image on a specific item...just let me know and I'll add it for you! I can't believe how fast Easter has snuck up on me!

I'm working on some new larger pieces. I had some plaque type boards that I'm repurposing into some art plaques! Here's a peek at one in the "early stages"...

I also had a fresh new batch of teeny Lulette houses come out of the oven today! I'll be painting them up this weekend:)

I did manage to COMPLETE something;) and I'll be adding this little Spring canvas to the noodle and lou shop right now! It has a fine crackle finish to it...and lots of Spring-ey muted colors:) The vintage text snippet says "at home". My favorite place to be!

I finally got a picture of my little cutie from Susan's new shop... A Walk In The Park Art. Isn't that a fun name!? I put my little Bead Head Girl with my papier mache heads...they are having a lovely time hanging out in the polka dot pitcher:) Thank you Susan...she is the perfect little addition to my house!!!

Mr. Duck says Goodnight! (I don't know who made this little guy, but my parents bought it for Henry's 1st birthday:) He is such a cutie!!) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!



Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Jenn
I looooove the houses. I can't wait to see them complete!
Chrissie Grace

coco said...

As usual, I can't pick just one to single out - I like them all! Your middle name must be "Bundle of Energy". I haven't posted anything in two weeks, now I'm motivated. Have a great weekend!

Lorajean said...

What cuteness! Ive seen your cafe press store before but the bags are such a great add! way awesome Jenn!

windlewood said...

Thanks for visiting us in the windlewood!
You sure are a busy artist and such adorable things!!
You have such a consistent style!
Have a great rest of your weekend!

michelle Sylvia said...

I need one of your shirts from Cafe Press Jenn!!! I Love the Angel that says God Bless You.

Your new painting is wonderful!!! LOVE your style and cannot wait to hang one of your pics in my home.


design for mankind. said...

Your work is SO SO CUTE! :)

Trine said...

Hi there,
I LOVE your artwork!!
The new additions for your cafepress store are wonderful. I've had my cafepress store for about a year now and it has really been a struggle to make a sale, how are you finding it?
Take care, Trine

Debbie Egizio said...

These some fabulous Easter goodies you have here!

~dani~ said...

Oh, I gasped aloud when I saw your lil Lulette cottages! I want one terribly!!! When I saw the 1st batch sold before I even knew they were listed, I cried! ok, not really but I was very unhappy ;) I am taking a break this week from creating/selling to make stuff just for me and the home. I am having a ball! I love your creativity and look forward to seeing your next batch!

Susan said...

Awww...Little BeadHead Girl looks so happy. Thanks for letting me see her again. Can't wait to see how the new houses are painted. You are such an original. I love it!!

love.boxes said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the houses all painted. You are amazing. I love the new spring banner and all the pretty bright colors around here!

BlueJude said...

All the pieces are WONDERFUL! Good Luck with the Cafe Press. I just added a new line of hair accessories to my etsy shop. Tho I'm wondering if maybe they should be in a second shop, by themselves. Anyhoo...Happy Sunday!

Christine said...

Wow, Jenn..looks like you have aa hit with the Lulette houses:) And how did I miss the fact you have stuff in CafePress?!? They look great!!

Krissysart said...

yeah! Lulettes! I just lost a bidding war on your latest on ebay. This girl and I were going at it until the very last seconds and she beat me out! Sigh....

Jackie said...

Love all your spring time sweetness!! Your little luluettes are adorable :)
Have a wonderful night!! xoxo Jackie

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love everything, as usual!!

kari & kijsa

Barbara said...

beautiful thing are visit again..xoxo Barbara

Heather said...

I love those totes! they are so sweet, you always have the cutest holiday ideas, and the little houses you've been making are so sweet!~