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tagged by annie beez!

Sweet Annie of Annie Beez Folk Art tagged me to tell you 6 random things about myself. I'll try my best. These are going to be sooo random!!

1. I tend to always wear black, grey and/or white. And I love a good pair of jeans!!

2. I have a real obsession with chairs! I have such a hard time leaving a tag sale or thrift shop without some dilapidated little chair. Sometimes I paint them...but I really love them all chipped and old looking!

3. I have all my Vogue and Elle magazines from the 80's...and some of the 90's. I just can't get rid of them! They are on display on my book shelf and I love them! I can't believe how many times I've moved and dragged that heavy collection with me!!

4. One of the coolest things I've ever done is snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, Oahu!! Look how gorgeous the water is...I saw the most incredible fish and even a little octopus! I am deathly afraid to go in any water (because of sharks)...but I just had to do this!!

5. When I was about 19 ...I worked in this cute little boutique in Atlanta. I was alone in the front of the shop and was robbed by this huge guy. As he was grabbing armloads of clothes and running out the door...I jumped on his back! Isn't that the most stupid thing you've ever heard!!!?? He flung me like a potato chip into the wall and obviously escaped. It's so weird when something like that happens to never know what you'll do. I really don't recommend risking your life for a $6.00 an hour job!!!!!

6. The first brand new car I ever bought was a little white 1991 Honda CRX. I loved that car sooo was the cutest little thing. And, hello!!! 50 miles to the gallon!!!

I snuck these teeny houses into the shop earlier today! I decided to name all my little clay creations Lulettes. Noodle and Lou...LUlettes...get it!? I'm such a dork. Anyhooooo...the houses are really primitive in style...have cute little snippets of vintage text on them and are just fun and funky! I'm numbering them in the order they were created. Let's see how far I get. 3 so far:) Hope you are having a happy Tuesday out there! I'm a couple posts away from the big 100!!! Surprises are just around the corner!!! xoxoxo...jenn


Christine said...

Cute houses Jenn:)
I can relate to the Elle mags from the 80's..I finally threw mine out in the mid nineties when I had to move. I dont get that magazine anymore but I wish more than anything I had saved my Sassy magazines.
I hope you got a raise after jumping on that guy!hehe

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great list!
I wear black a lot also, lived in Atlanta for a while, and have a hard time passing up chairs too (Especially children's chairs.)

Mystele said...

eeek! i love those houses!!!

beth said...

love the houses and proud to be a new owner of one !!! yeah , just love your stuff !!

Susan said...

Love these little houses. Where do these ideas come from??? You are the best! Loved the facts, also.
Susan K.

michelle said...

I can't believe the queen of color only wears black, grey and white! You like to create a nice backdrop for your art right?!I love snorkeling too. The last time I got to do it I was 5 months prego. Actually a great time for it, made me feel weightless! I loved your random facts! Oh, a wow, to attacking the big robber guy!

Krissysart said...

LOVE the lullettes! I've been working with clay as well but my creations are not sale-worthy....not yet. I won't give up! I'll have a clay angel up in at least the next.....year.

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Jenn
I just wanted to say hello. I have your blog on my favorites, I just love all your stuff. I've ordered a couple of things from your shop. Love the houses! I have a big thing for houses too! I blog at
Have a great day!

BlueJude said...

The Lulettes are charming! I was robbed at gunpoint at age 19 too, in a store in Manhattan...tho I must say it never occurred to me to jump the guy! lol Happy Wednesday!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jen! Your little houses are so MIGNONNES!!! So cute and whimsy. I am not sure you are aware of this but a few people contacted me in the past weeks associating your references to Lulu, Lulettes and similar names to me, LuLu at mypinkturtle...Your little rat doll is S U P E R ! You are a real busy bee, Jen! Keep up with the great works! I never collected Elle or Vogue but did collect a pre-Martha French magazine named 100 idées. This magazine was just amazing, full of knitting, sewing, painting, crafting and cooking projects, each of them more unusual than the next one. Kept them for years and years, then we had a fire at our house in Montreal and they did not make it. I have now been collecting Mary Engelbreit magazine since number. Hey! I took mostly wear grey, black and white with jeans !!!

Carmen said...

Your cute little houses made me smile! :)

Oh my gosh, I love Hanauma Bay. I got married on Waikiki Beach and we snorkeled at Hunauma Bay while we were there. It was my first time snorkeling and it rocked!!! Thank you for bringing back that memory today!

And you jumped on big dude's back?!?! Are you crazy? lol Isn't it funny the things we do in those type of situations. I'm glad you made it through that to share all of your awesome art with us!

Great tidbits about you!



Elsita :) said...

Oh I enjoyed so much reading this post!

I also did a crazy thing once when I was very young: This bad guy grabbed a purse from this woman (a tourist) as she was walking on the sidewalk. Then he run somewhere were another guy picked him up in his bicycle. I was also riding a bicycle so I decided to follow the guys at a very fast speed, they didn't realize that I was following them because I was way behind. Then I lost them but I saw a policeman and told him. He left in his big motorcycle in order to look for them and up to this day I have no idea if he caught the guys!

I just remember that I felt sooo bad for the tourist! I wanted those guys in jail! When I told my Mom he wanted to kill me! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? WHAT IF THOSE GUYS HURT YOU?

As you say we never know how we are going to react in cases like this :)
See you later!
Elsita :)

Danita said...

Love your new houses Jen!

bumblebird said...

I'm so glad I got one your adorable houses! They are all so fantastic..WOW! You're a brave girl fighting of that big guy. Go Jenn! I'm a black and jeans girl myself...It's my uniform for the days I can't bear to create an ensemble. Although, I am wearing sunflower yellow today...must be a good day!
Thank you for sharing!!

coco said...

Oh my god! I can totally see those little houses as......a pair of salt and pepper shakers! Wouldn't that be too cute?

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh, I love these cute little lulettes. You rock girl....everyday I can't wait to see what you have created! Hugs and Happy Thursday! PS: are you a Dr. Seuss fan?

LuLu said...

TADAM!!! JENN, YOU WON MY YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT CONTEST WITH YOUR CUTSY LITTLE WHITE RAT !!! CONGRATULATIONS !!! You deserve it, you are a grrrreat artist! Please contact me, I need your address so I can ship your sur SURPRISE BAG !!! Take care, LuLu

Diane Duda said...

Oh, I so wanted to be a new "home" owner today, but they are all gone. :(

They are so cute...and I've love your random things.


FrostingsNSparkles said...

OMG, you wild woman, jumping on his back!! That is so scary, but you had me ROFL at the visual of you being a potato chip
Those houses are the cutest cutest little things!!!

Jackie said...

So cute and your stories hilarious! You go girl :) Have a great day, hugs Jackie

tascha said...

Sweet little houses!!!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hey Jenn,
Number 5 had me cracking up...what a nut you are!!! I can just picture it!
Love the new houses.
I'm doing a giveaway so stop on over:)

syko kajsa said...

Your houses are sooo cute! Your robbery story is very thrilling!

I would love to come and sit and chat in one of your chairs :)

woolies said...

LOVE these little houses!!!!!

Paula said...

Surfing blogs while I have a lunch break and found you. What great art. I sell at Etsy as well.

Gotta run for now, but will be back to browse very soon!

Barbara said...

how cool your houses !!Greeetings Barbara

Tif said...

Love these little houses!! I see they have already sold. Good for you!

Debbie Egizio said...

I LOVE your cutie little houses! Your creations are always filled with happiness. I feel the happiness whenever I visit.

Loved reading your 6 random facts. No wonder you liked my black and white post! I'm very much the same.

And WHOA you were one brave sales girl. That guy probably didn't see that coming. I need someone like you in my little shop. ;)

Niki said...

Aww your little houses are so cute!