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8th birthdays, farm trips and the ongoing craziness that is called my life...

the title sums it up rather well:) life is SO crazy right now. you know how everything kind of happens at once? I'm riding that wave right now! My husband has been out of town and gets back late tonight...THANK YOU! Jake had his 8th Birthday yesterday!! YAY!! Juggling field trips, birthday celebrations, work, life, laundry...this Mom is in need of a dirty martini;)
anyhoooooo. I have a few pictures to share and it's off on my next adventure:) My little baby turned 8 yesterday. I really can't believe it. This is a photo of Jake and me a week after he was born. Oh my gosh I loved that little pig in a milk truck outfit he had on!!!!

And somehow 8 years flew by and he has turned into a sweet, super funny, SILLY (see picture below), handsome (I would say adorable...he doesn't like that word though) boy! Jake, I love you so much and am so proud of you. You are a wonderful brother to Henry, sooo creative in your art, awesome baseball player and a cool kid to hang out with:) Happy Birthday!!!

Little Lou had his first field trip to the farm yesterday. Freezing rain and tons of mud pretty much sums it up! The rain let up a little and the kids had a great that's all that matters. I'll warm up eventually. We love this local farm so much. We saw the sweetest baby bunnies, baby ducks, baby sheep and a brand new foal among other farm friends. The baby pig was worth it all!!!! Look at Henry feeding her!!!! We loved the sheep and roosters too.

Finishing up the last of my commission orders for this week...I just haven't been able to work as much as I've needed too. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and for your support at the last shop update!!! I'll be catching up with emails later tonight:) Have a HAPPY WEDNESDAY you guys!!! xoxoxo...jenn


sUz said...

hi jENn!

hAPpy biRthdAy to jAke! Now I know the origin of fourtwentynine and polkadot429! I hope he had fun on his special day! He is indeed handsome, you can see he inherited your stunning good looks :)

little lOu looks like he had a great time and it sounds like you enjoyed yourself too despite the weather. Hooray for field trips!

Hope you get caught up soon - can't wait to see what you've been up to!

iN jOy,

michelle said...

Sounds like lots of (cold!) fun! Happy birthday to Jake! So sad how fast it all goes isn't it! I love the new banner too!

coco said...

What great reasons to not be able to work! Hold on, those birthdays will start coming awfully fast now, my "baby" will be driving very soon! Aye....looking forward to seeing your next project(s).

love.boxes said...

Happy Birthday Jake! 8 is a great year!

Anonymous said...

Aww..very cutes pics! I mean Handsome pics..ahem.:)
Nice to see what I get to look forward to, although I'm in no hurry! Happy Birthday Jake!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE to your little man Jake! RELAX !!! When it gets too crazy, you gotta find a moment to look at it all and find all the positive sides to it. I try to find happiness in everything, from cleaning the smelly cat box litter to dealing with the 6 p.m. phone call from the 5th water purifier company agent... No, really, craziness is fun especially when it involves loved ones and family. Think of all the quiet years you will have when your kids are older. That is what I do daily...HAVE A GREAT CRAZY WEEK, Jenn! :-) LuLu

Michelle said...

It goes by so quickly! Happy Birthday...Oh yea, and your mom has been tagged!!

Aileen said...

Thanks so much for exchanging links Jenn, I'm excited to meet you too! Your blog and art are so inspiring! Seeing your place I think we ought to switch places for a day yours looks so serene and mine is sure to give you lots of creative energy LOL Happy Creating!

annas dreams blog said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!!! I was born on 4/28 so we can celebrate together!!! I feel so much nostalgic when I see pictures of my daughter when she was baby, see them grow so fast, but my heart gets full of Joy when I think how blessed we are, having this children with us. Happy Birthday Jake!!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!!! Looks like a great trip, what's a little mud, right! Hey, the DIY trunk show date has been set for Nov 22, they are taking applications in June, it's suppoesed to be a great show if you're interested.

Such cute pictures!!

tascha said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

catherine said...

I hope you were able to get that dirty martini and a break!
I know how that goes, I am exhausted every wednesday when it's my husbands golf league night, and he's only gone for a few hours! LOL!
As always your boys are TOOOOOOOO cute, those huge eyes! oh my!
Hope your son had a nice b-day celebration and a great rest of the week!
Thanks for writing and always being so much fun to chat with!

Sarah said...

How sweet! Time does fly fast, though. I'm not sure how my little girl is 5 years old already!
Vintage Lily