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noodle and lou LULETTE update!

Guess what!? I'm having a special shop update with only Lulette treats!!
There will be teeny TINY treats in house, bird and girl form! I might even be combining some of those...but you'll have to wait and see:) There's a blurry sneak peek in the photo;)

Hope to see you guys there! oooooh....and guess what else!? I had a SUPER special delivery today from Epson via the Fed Ex man. My new printer and scanner has arrived!! Thank you so much to all of you who helped me decipher all the choices:) Now wish me luck in figuring the thing out;) Prints will be coming soon...yipppeee!! Have a great night and a happy weekend! Anyone doing anything fun??? Do share!!



Diane Duda said...

Wow! You really meant business about that printer. It would have taken me months to decide (and to part with the cash!)
Good for you! Let me know how it works.


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Jenn. I can't wait to see what you have been up to! And good luck to you in setting up your printer. The thought of it is enough to make me think twice about buying a new one:) I'm sure you'll have beautiful little printed goodies in your shop soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Can't wait for Monday! Our weekend will be all soccer and baseball...and hopefully some time to finish my art nook!:) Love your new graphics and print! Your blog is such amazing eye candy! Have a great weekend!

Lorajean said...

I am very excited to see what you've been working on! :)

anniebeez said...

Jenn which printer and scanner did you decide on? I need to update too, in the worst way! Can't wait to see your new items on Monday!

love.boxes said...

Good for you.. takin' it to the next step! :)

sUz said...

ooooh jeNn!

I can't wait to see your new lulette collection!
Congrats on the new scanner and printer - how exciting!!!

iN jOy,

michelle said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to see!

coco said...

Even blurry that little gal in the purple looks pretty cute! Have a great weekend, I'll be back to look on Monday.

Funky Art Queen said...

Can't wait to see what you do at your shop! Always love your work. I want a new printer. I'm researching that right now and saving$. This weekend? I'm doing my workshop on backgrounds. I'm excited. Hugs!

Carmen said...

Congrats on the new printer!

I can't wait to see your shop update!!! I hope I can get there in time! lol

The Lulette Fan Club President

Carmen Ha!

annas dreams blog said...

Even blurry I can see that one of your dolls are Beautiful, the dress looks so cute, Im sure they are all Beautiful, I cant wait to see your newest creations. Congratulations on your new printer!! Have a wonderful weekend. xo Lillian

Heather W. said...

I will have to set myself a reminder! Those sweet little items go so fast, I seem so always miss them! =)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the lulettes:) Tonight is the art walk in town..a friend is having a show so that's what we've got planned. Off to finish painting some furniture. I'd rather be making dolls, but I need to paint this ugly chest of drawers so I can put more supplies in so that I can eventually make some dolls without the mess(I've taken over the kitchen now).
What printer did you wind up getting?
Have a wonderful weekend:)

bumblebird said...

Happy to hear you found a printer...I recently upgraded to a printer/scanner combo too. What a difference! Spring cleaning is the plan this weekend...Looking forward to your new treats! Have a great weekend!

Ms Dragonfly said...

i adore your art!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Can't wait..excited about the new printer and notecards!! Have a lovely weekend!

kari & kijsa

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi Jenn, can't wait to see your shop! And yes I am doing something fun & exciting...went to North Caroling to visit my son & daughter-in-law! Spent the last 2 days in Washington DC. WOW what a place! So much history of our country & went to home of George Washington in Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Having a great time. Hugs***Renea

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hope your printer is nice and easy to set up. I'm off to check out your esty goodies!