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stay tuned!!!

(aceo collection 2007)
Hellooooo sweet friends!!

Please excuse my complete scattered-ness right now! All that silly made up word means is that I am SWAMPED and all over the place this week. If you've emailed me...I'm not ignoring you, I promise!! I will be back in a couple days...hopefully all caught up and ready to dive into new things!!! LOVE all your 80's suggestions you've been giving me:) You guys are the best!!

I'll see you in a couple days!!!!!



michelle said...

Good Luck! And aren't you supposed to be moving sometime?

love.boxes said...

Your new banner is simply amazing! Good luck with all your projects!

Anonymous said...

I like that painting..sadly I cannot sit quietly and neither can you. I'm catching up on visitiing blogs between coats of paint..I'm off! Have a great day:)

Shonna said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog and I just wanted to say that I LOVE your artwork and think you are very inspiring! Keep up the great blogging!

Funky Art Queen said...

I love your new banner girl. That is awsome!

BlueJude said...

I love sitting quietly! Wish my 5 year old felt the same. lol
Great piece. Happy Wednesday!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hope you guys are feeling better, Jenn! Let me know when you arrive in Chicago!

Krissysart said...

Jenn, just wanted to let you know my email has changed. It is The other went out with the old house!
Can't wait til the next update!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i received my teeny lulette houses in the mail!
i STILL have a smile on my face! can you see it? :)
you sent my happiness in a package! thank you so much!

p.s. your new "teeny lulette" banner is great!

coco said...

Hi! Hope you are conquering your challenges this week. Have a good weekend.

Sarah said...

Life is crazy sometimes! We'll be here waiting for you!
Vintage Lily

michelle sylvia said...

Hey Jenn! Hope all is well with you. I can't wait to see your new projects.....I am slowly finding my muse and hope to be on a creative streak again soon too.

Miss you.


Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a fabulous weekend!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Wow love your artwork and blog!!