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thank you so much...

I'm absolutely thrilled at what a success my shop update was!! Thank you DEARLY!! I'm so excited by all the happy new homes my little lulettes are headed to!! And...thank you so much to the lovely sisters Kari and Kijsa who wrote the sweetest post about my paintings for them!! I was blushing and beaming all at once:)

Oh, and back to the update for a minute. I have to apologize profusely because apparently a couple of you were waiting for my little French couple. I feel so badly about the whole thing. Please, Please forgive me and I promise to make more right away!! If you are wondering what happened to my little Mimi and cupcake dollie...she sold today to a local friend for her little girl's birthday!'s a surprise;)

Also, if you happened to notice, the noodle and lou shop looks a little bare. I pulled a few things to send off to a new gallery/boutique in Indiana. I'm working on some new Mother's Day paintings and I hope to have them up soon:)

Just a quick post tonight. I have a billion and one things to do...but I had to pop in and send you all hugs and kisses and huuuge thank yous!!! Thanks too for the well wishes to Henry:) He is still feeling pretty crummy and I think my older one is getting it now. yippeee. On a bright note...there was SUN today and I am PRAYING for warmer days:) I'll leave you with a picture of our newest family member...a hamster named Louise. (she's inside the wheel...and disregard the cramped cage that we were swindled into buying...we've already moved her into a nice, big comfy aquarium!) My son is turning 8 later this month and desperately wanted a hamster. Somehow we finally agreed and well...we have a little poop machine named Louise now. Why Louise? Jake named her and he said..."the name just came to me". Makes sense to me;)



Carmen said...

Awww, Jake is just beaming! How adorable. I think Louise is a perfect hamster name. Happy early birthday Jake!

How cool that you're sending your work to a new gallery! Awesome!



Sandy Mastroni said...

He's SO cute .Tell him I love the name Lousie . geez .... cute

Sarah said...

I was just visiting Kari & Kijsa and what did I see! Your lovely creation you made for them. What a special treasure you have given them!

michelle said...

It was a great update! I am excited for my new treat. It was great timing, I sold a nesting doll so I figured I got a new treat for me! Glad one boy up... sorry another down! Glad you are finding warm receptions for your work, you deserve it!

Funky Art Queen said...

I'm so excited for your success I knew those little houses would go fast. They were so adorable as are all of your pieces!

love.boxes said...

Hellow Louise!

Congratulations on the great shop update! Hope you have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Esty update!! Glad your son is feeling better:)

michelle sylvia said...


All of your new items were incredible!!! Those busts are so aweomse and I am so happy that your Mom snatched them up. :0)

Congrats on your new edition! My kids keep begging for a Hamster. It is on Hold for now. Ahhh the things we do for our children.

Hope you are having a good day.


Liz said...

Louise is perfect! Jake looks THRILLED!


farmerjulie said...

we have a hamster living in our house. :) i grew up with them. they are so cute! Your son is darling!

design for mankind. said...


Kim Hardt Originals said...

What fun you will have with the new family addition! Your son is so cute. I never had to do the hamster thing. I did the gold fish, cat and dog thing though.

Sounds like you have alot going on. Hope Indiana is a great big success. I know it will be. Looking forward to seeing the new Mother's Day paintings.

Ta Ta Kim

Krissysart said...

Jenn, hamsters are great. When I was a kid, of course, our hamsters made a break for it and took off. Later that month I saw a whole hamster family run by and disappear under the couch. It was very cool...but a little freaky!

julie haymaker Thompson said...

Just found your site through my couisn Beth, she bought a little house and bird! Adorable!!!! Sweet site and sweeeeeeeet Work!!!!Julie