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beach day...

Happy Sunday to you all! We have been enjoying the MOST gorgeous day ever! We made a trip to our local little beach. It is a private beach for the residents of our little village and is ALWAYS empty! We love this beach so much and pretty much go everyday in the Spring and Summer:) I will seriously miss this little beach on the Long Island Sound when we move to Chicago!! Anyways...I made you a little rock girl:) Note how even my rock people have flip hairdos:):)

Jake's favorite spot is the rocky corner where all the crabs hang out!

Here's a teeny crab saying hello! Good thing crabs can't read...look at Jake's shirt! He wore his Claws Snack Shack tee shirt! Don't worry little buddy...we won't eat you!

and Henry's favorite thing to do is to throw rocks:)

What are you guys up to today!? Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day as well:) Thank you again for all your amazing support and sweet comments about my shop update again:):):) You, and you...hey you too! You all make my day!!!! I'm off to add those Halloween tins to the shop right now...there's only 2 for now...but 2 more will be added soon:)

They feature prints of my 2007 halloween paintings! The back is the Happy Halloween image:)
These little metal containers can hold a little gift or hang out on a door knob or nail! They measure 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches (not including the handle!) The top of the handle has a bunch of funky ribbons and a noodle and lou tag:) Oh! and I've covered the edges and sides in lotsa sparkly mica!! See you guys soon!! xoxo...jenn


Tif said...

Those little tins are wonderful! Oh, how I love Halloween!

Heather said...

I LOVE your halloween paintings! Ah, they are so cute!

elma said...

The tins are so cute!!

meg duerksen said...

i love your little beach girl.
i would love to be at the beach right now.
this is my first time to your site. i came over from carrissa's. your art is beautiful.
i really like it. i am off to check out your shops!
have a great holiday!

tascha said...

Looks like a beautiful day!
Love the Halloween treats!

LuLu said...

Hello Jenn! Oh! I would love to visit the beach you were at, those rocks make me dream! We are rock lovers here, of all kinds! We just love those egg-shaped smooth giant sea pebbles! I bet your sons had a riot! Can you swim at that beach, I mean when it is warm enough? Your Halloween tins are wonderful! Funny enough, I am working on a piece right now for a customer and your wolf looks a lot like my wolf. Great minds are meet!!! (Hum, hum!!!) Take care of yourself, LuLu xxx

bumblebird said...

What a fun time you had! The weather was so gorgeous. I'm so excited that summer is around the corner... Have a great day!

michelle sylvia said...


I am so jealous!! I want to live by the beach. Now I can't wait to visit the Cape this summer. It is very similar looking to Long Island!

Your halloween tins are wonderful!!!

Big Hugs,