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merci, merci!!

ooooooh la la!!

You guys are SO good to me!! Thank you so much for stopping by the update tonight! Trust me, I know how agonizing it is to sit and wait for all those listings to pop up! Thanks for hangin' in there with me:) BUT...guess what I totally forgot!? The Halloween tins! So, I'll add 'em tomorrow night. I am way too exhausted now:) Here's a recap of all the treats that made their way into the shop tonight!

***NOW SOLD***
thank you!!!

all the little French Couples found fabulous homes!! THANK YOU OODLES:)

and new lulettes houses!! Even a couple teeny cakes! (Crystal and Kim I have not forgotten about you! Your orders are ready and I'll be emailing you pictures soon!!! :):):) )

and brand new prints! These teeny cuties are mounted on wood blocks...the sides are painted black and the whole thing sealed with a semi-gloss sealer! I LOVE how these turned out!! They look like an original! I've started with the 4x4's ...but look for 6x6 and 6x12's coming soon too!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fabulous support!! It truly means the world to be able to share my little art with you!!! See you tomorrow:):) xoxox...jenn


michelle said...

So excited I got the cute couple print! Although I was a bit bummed I missed the french couples it is probably for the best, the print will make a nice grouping with my other jenn painting! Thanks!

coco said...

Your update was great! I always like to see good things happen to nice people. I'll be back to catch those tins tomorrow!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oh Jenn those french couples came out so cute! I think they are the best yet! Congratulations on all of your sales.

mia said...

jenn - congratulations on a very successful update!! your french couples are incredible!!!! love them so much!! mom

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey there cutie,
i love all your creations.
i want that little house on the bottom row. celebrat. so so cute.

bumblebird said...

Your welcome! I love your work and am happy for your success. It's fun to see what you come up with next...I just love your Parisian girl!

xo, Heather

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Bravo! You did real good on Etsy yesterday and you deserve it! Your little sculptures are wonderful! I think you found the heart of your art! And, good for you, you do not make mistakes when applying French words and sentences to your art! French is so trendy these days, it seems like every one is adding French words and sayings to their work and sometimes, too bad for them, the way it is sentenced is just awful (just like my English) and does not add anything good to the piece. Your work is enchanting, Jenn, you are yourself, you do not try to copy anyone else's style and your French is good! You are a great artist and a great blog pal! I will have to get myself a little French Couple one day! My fav is your little woman with flowers! Take care and have a great weekend! LuLu xxx

catherine said...

Adorable! as always!
Hope you get some rest and relaxation this weekend too!
I am heading out to the POOL!
gonna work on getting my pasty white a little color.
happy weekend to you and yours!

Lorajean said...

Jenn these are so lovely! :)

Beth said...

love love love all your new stuff ! and last night jumped on and of course signed on at 9 arizona time to my dismay all your new lulettes had left the store !! I love the cakes ! anyways hope you had a great weekend - the beach looks lovely !!!

Carmen said...

The update was great Jenn!!! I just love the works of art you come up with!!!



Tammy said...

I just love your artwork. It is so happy and fun!