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back from chicago

i made it back! i had such a busy few days, my head is still spinning!!! my mom met me in Chicago and was such a HUGE help. thanks again Mom!!! our goal was to find a house to rent in 2 days and we did it! hooooray:) i'm still way stressed out about the whole thing. there are tons of loose ends to tie up and i'm STILL fighting with the movers BUT i am staying positive and just laughing alot. as a matter of fact, my husband and i were laughing so hard today...i think i pulled some stomach muscles!!! ooooh at least we can laugh people!!!!

i didn't find any polka dotted or striped roofs...but i'm pretty happy with what we did find! i was completely in love with an adorable little cottagey style house in the heart of the downtown...tons of character (which i do love!), but just didn't work out. so, i wound up with a great house with lots of room and a cute back yard...all very tidy and clean...and still VERY close to the downtown. we saw so many houses that were really, really gross...renting is the PITS. I'm so thankful that we found this cute house at the last minute! the bad news is that we have to come up with beaucoups of money for all the deposits, etc. As always, we had a super hard time finding someone that wanted to allow a cat. 5 billion dollars later (okay, i'm exaggerating a little;))...the cat is allowed! hooray!!

i don't have tons of pictures to share...but here are some shots from my trip:) Like this one of the BEST HOT DOG I EVER ATE!!! yummmm Chicago style dog!

the riverwalk in downtown naperville is so fantastic!! my boys will love this!

i took this picture for jake...isn't this momma bird soooo sweet!!??

thanks for all your awesome well wishes you guys!! Even if I don't tell each of you personally...I appreciate each and every message so much:)

I'm working on a shop update you guys!! Seriously! Maybe Thursday! I'll keep you posted!!!!xoxoxoxo...jenn


julie king said...

congrats on finding a cute home with lots of room! can't wait to see what you add to your etsy shop!!!

michelle sylvia said...

Hi Jenn!!

You found Portillo's!!!! That place will be your friend. The italian beef is out of this world too!!!

So glad that you found a house!!! I have been in your shoes many times before. I can't believe you found it in two days!!! WOW that's so wonderful!!! I have a friend that lives in Naperville. You won't be disappointed. They have nearly any store known to man there for shopping!!!

You know I am just a call away if you need anything.


Elma said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like the trip went well. I am glad that you found a house and that you are moving closer to me:) Have a great day!!

michelle said...

Yeah! The good house vibes worked! So glad you found something.Aren't moms the best? As mine always says, every kid should have one! I can't believe you can get a shop update out! You are amazing! Course going to guess the creating is probably keeping you sane too! Have a great day!

Vickie said...

I'm glad your trip was a success. I enjoy visiting your blog to see the happy art. :)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Happy to read you found a new nest in Chicago. You have a brand new lifestyle coming your way now, take advantage of it! Every change in life has a much greater positive side than negative! And imagine! An entire house to decorate, my dream! Have a great week and I am glad your search is over! Take care, LuLu xxx

Jody said...

Hi Jenn!
I am so glad you found a place! I think you will love Chicago and Naperville village is so charming! How fun for your family!!! Thank you, thank you bunches for commenting in my blog and I am thrilled to share your pieces as your art has been a huge inspiration for me!
I can't wait for your shop update and more from your house-hunting visit!
I will be sending "calm, peaceful" vibes your way as you go through the moving process....
hugs, jody

Kari & Kijsa said...

What an exciting new chapter!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Debbie Egizio said...

I'm so glad to hear that your trip went so well and that you found a house to rent! Yipeee! You are going to LOVE Naperville! Just a couple more weeks and you'll be my neighbor. ;) How lucky am I?!!?

Best of luck with preparing everything for the move!