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back to school

Jake started 3rd grade today! How on earth is my teeny little baby a 3rd grader!? I was so nervous for my big guy...I know how hard it is to be the "new kid". I knew he felt shy and uncertain of what the day would hold. Would his teacher be nice...would he make any friends...who would he sit with at lunch...

But Jake took on the day with a brave smile on his face. We all walked him to school and he walked right through the doors without looking back! I just can't believe how much he's grown up....we are SO proud of you Jake!!!

and when Henry and I picked him up after school...he was playing with boys in his class!! yipppeeee!! I almost cried when a boy shouted "jake, come be on our team!!" The day was a success:):):)

so...I've been spending alot of time painting the past couple days and I am having SO much fun!! So far I have 8 new paintings!!! yippeeeee:) It feels so good to paint again and I'm oozing with ideas!!! I scouted out the local craft and art supply type stores around my neighborhood and found a Hobby Lobby...LOVED it! I've never been in one before! Then I went to Michaels hoping to restock on Sculpey and they were OUT! I'm freaking out without any clay. Dick're next! Don't these stores know I have Lulettes to make!!?? :):):)

I'll start listing new goodies in the shop tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th! As I have time through the day, I'll get some new paintings up. If you miss out on any of the originals...I will be offering prints of almost all of them. Those will be in the shop next week:):):) I'm too all over the place with all the chaos in my house right now to plan an actual update...I hope you understand!!! BUT...I promise to keep you posted on what I'm listing so always check my blog for the latest info!!

I'll leave you with a few photos of the crazy move...

Here you have the boys "helping" me fold the 8 tons of paper from our move for the recycling center...

A little corner of my life shoved into boxes... I was pretty excited about that little path I cleared to the right of this photo!!!

and lastly a photo of a very special commission piece I was working on up until the day I left NY! Seriously!! I painted this HUGE 80 inch round table top for some dear friends. Here is a photo of the final piece waiting to be sealed with lots of on the picture to make it larger. It's really hard to photograph something this big, but there are 15 angels surrounding the outside with flowers and birds and cakes and tea...and 2 angels in the center surrounded by special sayings. I was just thrilled with the outcome and love the thought of their family and friends being together around my little angels:):):) Thank you Melanie and Andy!!!


p.s. Thank you for all the sweet thoughts and prayers for my family in Florida! Except for a roof leak...all is well!! yay!!!


Elma said...

Wow jake started school already! my kids don't go until Sept 2. so sad I will only have one little one at home. Love the table top you do such amazing work :) Have a great evening.

CourtneyP said...

Love the table top. My guys start school next week..... I trying not to cry already. I have truly missed your blog, glad you are back!

Kimberly said...

My kids started on Monday... and then got off today and tomorrow for the "hurricane day"... My oldest son Dylan (5th grade) was excited, but my little kindergartner son was bummed... he wanted to go back and play with his friends the next day. I hope we at least get some son so they can go outside to play.

Jenn - I love the table! Their dinner will always be blessed with all those angels floating around!

Good luck with the unpacking!
- Kim

michelle said...

Oh, I remember feeling exactly the same way last year, it was even third grade for Brittany! So glad it went well. I also remember too well paper monsters. The worst/best was when they taped the huge boxes together to make houses! Yippeee you are creating again and that table is absolutely amazing! Glad your family is okay!

sUz said...

hi sweet jeNn!

SO happy you are settling in and painting - yiPpEe!!!

hOorAy for Jake! What a milestone to have taken on with such courage you must be proud indeed!

Good thoughts for your parents :)

The table top is FAB! You truly are amazing jeNn :) CAN'T wait to see your new pieces and what that mind of yours has conjured up!

iN jOy,

Tammy said...

I am glad to hear you are creating again after the move. I will be watching for the updates on etsy.

Becci Hethcoat said...

Don't you just love Hobby Lobby.I can always find something there I "need". Downtown Wheaton has a Carlsons which I love for good supplies. Get on their list and they send you coupons like the big stores for 40% off. My big guy started 2nd grade and I had the same feeling...yikes, where did it go. Glad you are getting settled in.

Jackie said...

I can't believe your kids have started. We start next week. Glad your getting to paint, I can only imagine how you feel. Try Hobby Lobby for your sculpy...they should have it. Make sure you get their email's, for there 40% helps :) Talk to you soon, Jackie

Sarah said...

Glad to hear your getting settled! My little one starts kindergarten on Monday!
Vintage Lily

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
My little baby girl, Holly, will be a 3rd grader, also. She starts school Sept. 2nd. I am SO excited about the SHOP opening up!!! I will keep checking my computer today for your awesome art!! xo, Amy Wingate.

Fantastic Figments said...

very very cute story about you son and i am soooooo happy that it all went GREAT! I am sure it is a huge weight off you and your husbands shoulders. Can't wait to see the new stuff.... :)


julie king said...

oh, i'm so glad that you discovered hobby lobby!!! isn't it just grand? be careful -- it is addictive!!! glad jake is settling into school so nicely!

Liz said...

Jenn, all I can say about that table is MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

So glad you are moved and settled. Your *big guy* looks so handsome and so centered... he looks so much like you.

The painting of the three women is one of my all-time favorites of yours (SO FAR!)... those colors are just gorgeous and their faces have so much depth! LOVE IT!!!


Vickie said...

I'm so glad you are getting settled in and Jake had a good school experience. My youngest left yesterday to go away to college. He's not too far away.
We just got a Hobby Lobby here and I love it.
I think the table top is lovely. A family sitting around it will have peace and happiness.