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happy NieNie day!!

thank you soooo much!!!!
Okay we go!!
First off, thank you so much for stopping by.
there are literally TONS of auctions
celebrating NieNie day today and I can't
wait to go check them all out.
there is a full list of participants on

introducing my little contribution...

one of my original wall sculpture lulettes
created just for NieNie day!!

"happy NieNie day" measures 8 inches tall.
she is hand sculpted from polymer clay,
painted in acrylic paints and
finished off with a satin glaze.
her style is very primitive and oh so funky!
she holds a lovely little house that
has a snippet of vintage text saying
there are a little bunch of red balloons
as well! She has a hanger attached to her flat back,
so that she hangs on your favorite wall!
one thing that touches me so
much about Stephanie is her love of home
and family. I hope that you might
want to have this little piece of art and hope
for your home...thank you oodles for stopping in
you guys!!!!!

photo of the Nielson Family

the rules...
  1. auction will be open until midnight (EST), thursday august 28th only
  2. please enter your bids through comments in this post.
  3. i have enabled automatic comment moderation for this you will be able to see your bid immediately.

  4. place your bids in whole dollar increments. bidding will start at $20.

  5. at the close of the auction, I will notify the winner...they will send their payment directly to the Stephanie and Christian Paypal Fund (I'll help you...don't worry!) and you will email me the confirmation of your payment.

  6. "happy nienie day" will be shipped off to live with you!!

need help or have questions?? just ask you guys! I'll be checking my blog all day long!! I'm so excited:):) thank you all!



Jenn said...

the bidding starts at $20.00

the next bid would be $21.
then $22. etc.

happy bidding you sweet peas!!!

POPIN Sisters said...

Ok, I have to start the bidding...$50.00...Such a great cause!

Jenn said...

heeeheee...or we can just skip right to $50:):):):):) thank you sweet Jamie!!

Anonymous said...

I place my bid at $75.00!

Janel said...

Hi! Love this and it's for such a great cause
$85 JenM

Jenn said...

love you guys!!!!!!

POPIN Sisters said...

...$95 ~Jamie

Barbara said...

Jenn I would buy anything of yours... my bid is $120

c.b. jackson said...

Hi Schmoop!

What a beautiful sculpture!!! (Okay, so I'm a little biased...)

I'm so proud of you for helping such a worthy cause!

Thanks to all of Jenn's supporters too!!!

love you Jenn...
chris (Jenn's husband)

BlueJude said...

Your family looks lovely as does your work. Enjoyed catching up on your posts and glad to be back in blog land. Happy Thursday Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I bid $125.00!


Anonymous said...

She is so funky and cute Jenn..I love her!
I think this may be my favorite lulette of yours yet, Jenn:)
Bid high people:)

Anne-Julie said...

I bid $130 :)

For a great cause, and from a wonderful artist, I'd buy everything!

POPIN Sisters said...

...$140 ~Jamie

anne-julie said...

$ 150 :)

michelle said...

Yahoo! Isn't this so amazing Jenn? Thanks for getting me started! And I love this lulette too! Keep on bidding folks!

Anonymous said...



LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! If there were only people like you on earth, Jenn, the world would be such a wonderful place. Je te leve mon chapeau! (I lift my hat for you, in French!) She is amazing and so are you! Good luck! LuLu xxx

Anonymous said...

i can't resist. 175 dollars.

bumblebird said...

She's gorgeous! What a special creation for a precious family. You are such a sweetheart to do this...


Jenn said...

ooooh i love you guys!!!
thank you soooo much!!!

2 1/2 hours to go:):):)


p.s. who is the sweet Anonymous on the last bid?

Anonymous said...

it's me-

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oops, its Janel!


elma said...

WOW this is so wonderful that you are doing this. Best of luck!

barbara sigelbaum said...


Jenn said...

just checkin the official time on blogger...

Jenn said...

okay you guys it's midnight EST...the bidding is officially closed!

Barbara has the winning bid for $200!! ooooooh thank you so much Barbara!! I'll email you with the payment details in just a minute.

Thank you SO much to my dear friends who bid today! Jamie, Janel, Jen, Anne Julie and are simply the best! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping this worthy cause!!!!

barbara sigelbaum said...

Hi lovely jenn,
i have purchased several things from you in the past- supermom holding twins was the first. i believe that i have won. will speak with you tomorrow. i am going to send stephanie this lovely lulette as soon as she is doing better because i, as you, do believe that she will enjoy it. God bless you and yours and keep you well and creative. you bring such joy. fondly, barbaratime is 12:05

Beth Quinn said...

hi jenn !!!how incredibly wonderful !! i bid on her earlier and it never showed up , but she is soo wonderful- and perfect that barbara will be giving her to nie nie - she is perfect for her !!!!!! anyways you are one sweet and wonderful person too !! hugs and kisses to you my sweet friend !!!

michelle said...

Oh, just reading all the comments just gives me the chills, from your adorable hubby to that sweet lady who won her and plans to give her to Nie. I could just bawl! You are the best Jenn and know the best people!

Jenn said...

oh. my. gosh.
what can I say. I'm speechless. I have already emailed Barbara to thank her. I'm thankful beyond words and I've been reduced to a big ball of tears!!! The thought of Stephanie holding my little lulette one day is just the MOST joyful thing:) THANK YOU SWEET BARBARA!!!


Beth Quinn said...

ps. go to my blog , i gave you an award !!! love ya ,

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

All I can say is wOw! How amazing! People never cease to surprise me in a good way - cheers to the human spirit and cheers to you jeNn, baRbAra, and all of you who act from love.

iN jOy,

Anonymous said...

Yay Barbara! What a beautiful gesture for Nie! I think that is a fantastic idea! Thank you Jenn! It was so fun, but mostly so enlightening! To see so many people rally around folks we don't even know but care about none the less, is some of the best medicine there is! I love this lttle community on Etsy! Thank you for bringing us all together for this very special day!

As Nie would say-Kisses! Janel

LuLu said...


Fantastic Figments said...

Your contribution is amazing your your selflessness and thoughtfullness is unsurpassed. Thank you for being such a wonderful selfless person. And if it wasn't for Jen and he great blogging and beautiful creativity than this particular contribution wouldn't have been possible and so bravo for Jen's great work

Cheers and Smooches,

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh no... i am so sad i missed the auction!
i am sad... i would have been thowing my hat in for sure!

what a beautiful piece... what a cause!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful ending to this auction! I think thats a beautiful gesture for Barbara to send her to Stephanie.
Christine :)

annejulie said...

I'm so happy I was able to take part to this auction! It is a fantastic success and Barbara is such a sweet person!

Hooray for your Jenn :)

coco said...

Hi Jenn! Great job on the auction, your sculpture was absolutely wonderful.