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new in the shop...

it took me 1 hour and 47 minutes exactly and i need a glass of wine and an anger management class...but i got 4 things listed in the shop:):) yippppeeee! my computer is so slow, i am losing my mind. maybe i need a new hard drive???? grrrrrr.

hope you guys are having a happier wednesday! jake had a hard time this morning...i think his nerves got the best of him. we're just takin' it one day at a time!! now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the night;)

more paintings tomorrow:):):)


C said...

Wonderful as always!! Hope you found some sculpey! Can't wait to see some pics of your new home! :) Take care friend!! :)

P.S. Life with a new MAC = bliss. :)

michelle said...

How frustrating! They look great though! Isn't being a mom tough, i just want to fix it all!

Elma said...

Hi Jenn, nice to see that the shop is up and running again even if it took you almost two hours. Where we live we can not get high speed so everything takes soooo long and sometimes you just want to take the computer and throw it out the window. :) Hope Jake has a better day tomorrow!!!

julie king said...

these little paintings are delightful!!

A Fanciful Twist said...

YAY!! You are back!! Miss Noodley, tell your lovely boy we are all cheering for his bravery and charmingness from the Fanciful Land down here!!! xoxox (loove your new creations!!)

mystele said...

wonderful as always, jenn!

Beth Quinn said...

hi jenn !! i am so glad you guys made the move safe and sound !! love all the new paintings can't wait to see what else you have created !
my little guy started 1st grade this year and was so nervous and shy too (and it was the same school) so i totally understand feeling for them!! they are still so small in this big world !!! anyways , glad to see things are going well , can't wait to see more pics of the house when you get it unpacked !!

michelle sylvia said...

Hi Jenn,
So glad to see that things are settling for you. Poor little guy though. I feel for him. School can be scary and a new school even worse. I will keep him in my positive thoughts.

I read that you discovered Hobby Lobby! How exciting!! You need to sign up for the coupons online too.

My babies are starting school on Monday. We will have to set up a time for coffee. :0)

Hope you are doing great. Your house on L.I. was FAB!! I just returned from the Cape and I SO want to live there!!! Total cottage charm and a relaxing way of life.

Have a wonderful day!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Your new little minis are adorable. There is nothing worse than computer frustrations! Hope today is better. Hugs***Renea

Diane Duda said...

Love the new paintings!
Tell Jake to hang in there. :)


Jackie said...

So sorry for Jake...maybe tomorrow will be better. Love your new lovely. Hugs, Jackie

Queen Bean said...

jenn, glad that you are all moved in. i think that jake will be fine in a couple of weeks. deana

Heather said...

ooh, these are sooo cute! I love the yellow lady and her house! so sweet~

coco said...

Didn't take long to get those brushes out, cute paintings! I had to laugh while reading the first day of school account. That same morning, I had brought my youngest to school with some of those same apprehensions that you were sharing. My big concern was that he is in a combination class, but he is in the younger grade. I had to stop and remind myself, wait, he's really not the "baby" anymore - he's in 7th grade!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i'll bring a bottle!
do you like red?
hope you have been able to carve out some more paths!