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pedaling backwards

well, sometimes you have to take a few steps back to be able to take a few steps forward. Jake had the WORST morning yet today. It was so horrible. I'll spare all the details as I'm sure he would kill me anyways. Let's just say sobbing was involved. I just don't know what to do. He says all the kids in his class are so nice...he loves the teacher...he is just way too's just going to take time. But as his Mom...I just want to make it all better NOW. We'll concentrate on a fun weekend and the joy of having a couple days off!

Just added 2 more paintings to the shop...

I'll leave you with those and the wish for you all to have a FABULOUS weekend filled with tons of fun!!!



Vickie said...

These are two very nice paintings. I love the Halloween girl.
I hope Jake has a nice day at school today.

Elma said...

Hi jenn, love the house painting man did that go fast. I hope Jake has a better days next week. I think all the stress of moving and going to a new school has caught up with him. The poor little man. I know my 6 year old is going to a new school this year he he doesn't even want to talk about going ,he says he wants to be homeschooled.

coco said... crying is a hard one isnt it? If its any comfort, I can remember going through the same thing with my boys. The tears would come in the morning and I would worry about them all day. Usually, more times than not, at pick-up time they were all smiles and ready to tell me about their great day. Hang in there!

Debbie Egizio said...

Oh, your poor little guy! That must be very hard for both of you. I remember being the new kid in 2nd grade after we moved and it took about 2 weeks to feel settled in my new class. I'm sure that he'll do just fine. It just takes a little time. He might need some extra Mamma hugs.

I love your new little paintings. That cat girl is adorable. Well, take care! Deb

Becci Hethcoat said... son had a hard time last year with the transition to 1st grade. One thing we did was suggested by his teacher...I asked him to choose something of mine to take to school every day. He picked a photo of us together and he carried it around all day and was able to look at it whenever he wanted throughout the day. It really helped him. They weaned him off of it until the day when he came home and gave it back to me telling me that he didn't need it any more. It was a great day! Maybe something like that would help him out. Just a thought... Please pass some of your motivation over here. Love the new stuff!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I don't know how I happened upon your blog, but I like you art! And good music choices!!! :)

michelle said...

Poor boy and poor mom! I always want to fix things too. Hope you have a great weekend. Love Miss Kitty!

Fantastic Figments said...

great halloween painting! I feel so bad for Jake. I think it will probably just take some time to adjust as it does for everyone. Change doesn't come easy to all people. But great idea with a fun weekend. Can never go wrong with movies, pizza, and ice cream. Keep smiling and soon he will too!


CourtneyP said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about Jake. My boys still cry at the beginning and end of every year. Change is so hard even when it is good. I try to keep a brave face , wipe their tears and cry only after they have gone. I hope today was better for the both of you.

mystele said...

jenn, love the new work, and wanted to let you know what a catalyst and inspiration you've been for me. blogged here: thank you!

mystele said...

ok, i hope this won't be a double comment, but it might be...loving the new work, and i just wanted to let you know what a catalyst and inspiration you've been. blogged about here: thank you so much,jenn!

Adriana Whitney said...

Awww, poor Jake. I hope things get better.
Your new paintings are so good! you have something special.

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

oh, I'm so sorry sweet jAke is having a hard time getting his footing! I guess everything he knew and was used to about school changed so he has to re-establish those boundaries in order to feel comfortable again. He sees that you are painting again, unpacking and putting out the things he's used to seeing so that definitely helps too.
Your weekend plans are just what the doctor ordered - everybody needs some extra lovin' :)

Your new paintings are just fantastic! Love that pink house and I'm smitten with your halloween kitten - of course!

Take care of yourself too mom!

iN jOy,

bumblebird said...

Your art grows more and more beautiful! I'm loving the soft and dreamy brushstrokes in your new paintings.
Have a fun and wonderful weekend with your boys...
A new home and school is so hard. I remember similar emotions when we moved frequently as a kid. I hope Jake feels right at home soon..your smile, strength and love will help him thru!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oh Jenn, I'm so glad your back! I just got home and I spent the last 15 minutes catching up on YOUR adventures. I'm sending Jake some "Big Boy" wishes. I'm sure my Alex is going to have some rough days starting Kindergarten too. Hang in there Jake, We're pullin' for ya! Just think, What would a Jedi do?
Talk to you soon!

Love the table and your sweet little house!

tascha said...

I'm so sorry to hear Jake is having a rough time. I remember grade 3 just the same way. I got teased REALLY BADLY from everyone in my class. It was so bad I would refuse to go to school. I missed a lot of class because I just wouldn't go. The teachers did nothing about the bullying even though my mom begged them to intervene. It was awful. I hope this all can get resolved for him.

Liz said...


So so hard to get through this for him and you.. With all the change in his life it's gotta be hard, but he has you and your husband pulling for him... he is so lucky to have that! Hoping next week goes better... sometimes getting over that hump is all a child needs and then all of a sudden it's over and you are left to wonder how it could be gone so quickly! :)


Whimsies Folksies said...

Love your little Halloween Girl! Sooo cute!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Yes, I do understand your feelings about Jake and his new school... Ulysse starts high school next week, such a HUGE school full of much older kids... Being born on September 30, he will be the youngest of all... But you know what? We can worry as much as we like, us moms, our kids are masters of their destiny and they are strong and so capable. Time will arrange things, next week will be a better week for Jake, I am sure. But one of the secrets of handling these though situations is letting it go... Giving it time... Not worrying about it and talking about it all the time... Kids are so resilient, I bet you he will be back from school with a smile on Monday! Hey, Jenn! Your newest paintings are ADORABLE! Have a great weekend! LuLu xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Jake :( Luckily he has an understanding mom to help him through. It's interesting how as an adult we can forget what it's like to be a kid. The emotions are just as real and founded and it sounds like everything just caught up at the same time. Next June he can look back at how sad and scared he was how much better things are now. Change is never easy, even for us adults!