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"spending the day with friends"

"spending the day with friends"
(oh my little gals sold in the blink of an eye!! THANK YOU!!!!)

hope everyone had a great day. in between cable company visits and moving furniture around...henry and i made a trip to ikea. i snatched up some of the cutest lamps and a wardrobe for the boys room (they don't have a closet). jake had a better day guys are all sooo sweet to keep him (and me!!) in your thoughts!!! i'm off to clean up before bed. night, night!!


michelle said...

Well, they are beautiful, that is why they went so fast! Glad Jake had a better day, we all know if he is having a better time mom is too!

Fantastic Figments said...

Congrats on your painting 'flying' out to door. I guess your three gals found a forth they really wanted to be with! ditto to michelle's comment, I am glad Jake had a better day. And I am sure there will be many many many more to come.


Elma said...

Love the new painting. I am so glad Jake had a better day. Sounds like so much fun to go to ikea and buy things to help with the house. Hope the house is comming along and you are having a great time decorating it.

Beth Quinn said...

love this jen !! it is awesome - so happy to hear jake is feeling better about school ! change is always hard -
and i love ikea !!!!!

Gabe said...

Bonjour Jenn! Your new paintings are EXTRAORDINAIRES!!! So glad you found a great place to live with your family and work. I am going to have to get myself a Jenn painting one day... Have a great day! LuLu xxx

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

shoooooooooot... where was i!
those friends are fabulous!

julie king said...

these are just beautiful!! i'm not at all surprised that they sold int he blink of an eye!!!! your work inspires me!!