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baby hen

the 1st day of Pre-K was a
smashing success!
(even though we could not
find the new Spiderman backpack!
I think it was lost in the shuffle of
the move...eeeek!)
Henry picked a photo out
of the big box of photographs to
keep in his pocket all day.
He picked a little wedding photo
of his mommy and dad.
Really...that was his sweet little
He took the teacher's hand at school
and walked right into his class.
He looked back just once and
gave me a HUGE grin and a

Happy Wednesday everyone:) I'll be back before the update tomorrow nite with some sneak peeks for you!! xoxoxo...jenn


Heather said...

aw! that is so adorable!

Carmen said...

How cute is he!!! Look at the big ol' smile! He's a doll Jenn!



Elma said...

YEEEA Henry I am so glad he did so well! He is so cute!! Can't wait to see what you will have for the update! Have a great day Jenn!

Queen Bean said...

Jenn, What a cutie pie! He looks so excited. I hope it's going as well for Jake. Deana

barbara said...

I've been enjoying your talent for a while now. That boys smile is edible! From Methelusah's great granny

michelle said...

Sounds like you were both very brave! Too bad about Spidey! But are those Speedracre crocs? Very cool. (I must be the mom of boys huh?) Don't you wish you could bottle that enthusiasm for school and save it until they are about 12?

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Go Henry! Such a big step for him and you! :)

Can't wait to see the new stuff!

sUz said...

hi jeNn!

Look at how grown up your little lou is! You must be proud indeed!

Hope jAke is adjusting a bit more!

Can't wait for your sneak peeks!

iN jOy,

lulusparkles said...

great news!
happy days ahead :)

Whimsies Folksies said...

What a cutie! He looks sooo happy!