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a few things to share...

hi guys! my week of "catchin' up" has been flying by! It sounds like all of you are in the same boat. Juggling family, house, school and can be exhausting. That's why I love spending time on our home. Home should be a warm, cozy and inviting place you can escape to. A little corner of the big world that is all yours...filled with your personal style and all the things that make you smile. I've been working away on getting all our belongings tucked away into their new little spaces. Looking for new pieces of furniture (at amazing prices!!!! because that's half the fun!!) to fit new nooks. so, here's just a few peeks for you! I'll take more photos soon...

this is our bedroom
with my newly painted
vintage head and foot boards!!!

here's the before picture...
very scratched up and very brown...
I want to paint some sort of design,
just not sure what???

and here is my super cute white dresser that I bought at a thrift shop in NY before we moved...$40:) and the adorable shabby chic candleabra thingeys...$2.00 at an estate sale!!! and the AWESOME door size, vintage beveled mirror...$10.00 I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING! a shout out to my Mom...who can sniff out the best yard sales ever!!! We found this estate sale the last time she was visiting:)

now, this is what the top of my dresser looked like when I bought it. some sweet little Grandma stuck floral contact paper all over the top.

and after:

I covered the top in vintage French school book pages!

SO cute and perfectly shabby chic;)

Back to that estate sale...
hang onto your britches folks!
Look at this INCREDIBLE piece
that still had the plastic on the darling
yellow upholstery!!!!
are you ready for the price?

Remeber those old ceiling tins I found a while
back? I painted the wooden frame a shabby white and it now
hangs over one of the couches in the living room!

here's a peek at the "music room". this house is such a mansion in size compared to our last teeny house...that we like to give our rooms fancy house names;) This room is a cozy place that my hubby can play his guitars and listen to his records and play around with his vintage radios. Imagine my 3 guys in here playing music together! It's pretty darn cute...and loud;)

speaking of my husband. People ask me all the time what he does. Well, he is a Physicist. A High Energy Theorist to be exact. " What does that mean?" is usually the follow up question. And for YEARS I've had a very difficult time answering that. Mostly because it is WAY over my head. But, also because in our little world, it has meant me putting him through many years of school...having children in the midst of grad school...and moving around alot while he fulfills Post-Doc positions. But really, it is much more important than just that. And I want Chris to know how proud I am of him. This week the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) started up and has been in the news alot. This is what my husband works on! So from now on, when somebody asks me..."what does your husband do?", I can give a little bit of a better explanation;)
Just a little bit.

Okay, we'll end this post with a photo of our cozy

and a photo of a boy named Henry that just got a brand

new "big boy bike" with training wheels:)

he is very proud:)

I'll be back soon to show some peeks of what I've been working on! Shop update with Halloween goodies next week!!!

Go look for some yard sales this weekend and have fun:)



bLu eYd YoGi said...

YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH! I LOVE your wonderful garage sale finds! your house is SOOOO CUTE! i want to come over for coffee & hang out!?
fun fun fun!

Carol B. said...

Jenn! You are one of those magical people who can find things that might not be much to look at and turn them into a million bucks. My mom can do that. Me? When I buy something from a yard sale or a thrift store, it looks like I got it from a yard sale or thrift store. sigh.. Thanks for the inspiration, though. I'll keep trying!
Carol B.

michelle said...

Oh, you are making such a beautiful home! It all looks so great, you make me want to give my house a face lift! I love all the pieces you found and what you did with them. I am going to remember that book page trick for sure! So you would tell me if you hubby thought we were in danger of being sucked into a big black hole like some of those folks in Sweded feared right?! You'd make a special post or something- "Start praying girls we are in big trouble"? I know what you mean, my hubby makes airplane parts, that is the extent of my explanation!

The Thomas Clan said...

Beautiful home and such wonderful finds.
The paint color in the master bedroom is just so rich and yummy ... is it possible you could give me the name of the paint? I am always so overwhelmed by the color choices:-)

Anne-Julie said...

I love everything in your home! You have the perfect tastes Jenn, and the ability to find beautiful furnitures at cheap prices! I wouldn't mind living in such a dreamy home :)

Elma said...

Oh my word Jenn I just love your house and the wonderful beautiful thing you have done. Please come to my house and help me:) I found an old bed for abigial but back then the twin beds are not the same as the twin beds today.The bed was to short and was going to cost 200. just to get new side rails. What a bummer.Can't wait for more pictures. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenn!! You are a talented Gal!! I love your house and your vintage finds!! you have a real gift when it comes to creating something beautiful out of a cast away!! I wish you lived near me so that we could hang out and decorate and junk together!! Keep hte pictures coming! We all enjoy looking at your lovely home!!! JenM

Kim H. said...

WOWZERS I love your vintage finds! I am going out looking today! I never find good deals like you did :( Maybe I need a lucky hat or something to wear! SMILE!

Fantastic Figments said...

AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You really have some decorating talent sister! Very impressed... are you going to do my place next :) really you are wonderful taste. I am hitting a huge town wide sale here tomorrow wish me luck! Oh and apparently your catch up paid off :)



Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

cool finds! love your cozy bedroom! sounds like you are all settled!

your hubby is in very cool field! my husband would love to chat with him! that stuff is up his alley, and miles above my head! :)
can't wait to see your new goodies!

Carmen said...

Wanna come help me with my new house? Pretty please? *insert puppy dog face and batting eye lashes here*

I love all of your perfect little touches! Looks so inviting, warm, safe and comfortable. Home Sweet Home.

Have a wonderful weekend Jenn.



sUz said...

hi jeNn!

What fantastic finds! Looks like you are really settling in - hooray! I totally agree with you about home :)

Your hubby has some kind of brain, I am SO envious! I'm glad there are people out there like him that enjoy pushing the envelope. Truly remarkable!

Can't wait to see your halloween goodies!

iN jOy,

Vickie said...

Thanks for showing us your cozy, comfortable home. I love what you do with vintage furniture. Your back yard is very nice. We enjoy our back yard almost as much as the inside. I just wish it was as private as yours looks. We have a snoopy neighbor who likes to watch from his deck as we eat dinner and entertain. Last party we had, my brother-in –law put him in his place by smiling and waving at Snoopy as he was gawking. Then he said to my husband, “Dude, you’ve got a snoopy neighbor.” I laughed about it for a week:)

Jenn said...

thanks so much everybody!!
you guys are so super sweet!!

The Thomas Clan... I'll find out that paint color for you and post it soon:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
Your new home is so very sweet!! What awesome estate finds, especially the little french sofa-$20, unbelivable! Your kitty looks cozy under it. What is her/his name?? On another post there was a picture of a girl in a bubble bath. That picture would be so wicked awesome in Holly's bathroom with pink instead of blue. Tell me if I can commission that cutie? Thanks for sharing your sweet new home with us all. xo, Amy Wingate.

Queen Bean said...

Jenn, What awesome furniture finds and the prices were amazing! Henry is so cute I could just eat him up! Deana

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

WOW Jenn! I can't believe you have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time!! I'm so ashamed, I've been in this house for 9 years and it doesn't look nearly as finished. Everything looks great Jenn, really. I love how you are making old things new and keeping them out of our landfills, good job!

What a brilliant hubby you have! I can't imagine the "Honey, how was your day?" conversation:)

Congratulations to big boy Henry and his new bike! We are having some school morning tears the past few days...hopefully just a phase!

Have a great weekend!

Debbie Egizio said...

Wow! You have been a busy little bee. Everything looks great!! I love all of your fabulous bargain finds. They are so very charming!

I really love the book pages that you used to cover the dresser top. Such fun! Hope you have a lovely weekend. ;)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Are you SUPER WOMAN or what? Your paint, you sculpt, you move, you decorate, you are a mother and wife too, you absolutely marvel me! Great, great finds at the garage sales, your house looks super nice! Take some time off this weekend and relax! Can't wait to see your new stuff though ;-P Take good care of yourself and your family! LuLu xxx

Artfulife said...

$20 for that seat? Insane! What an incredible home you have. You have incredible home.

Jackie said...

your home is divine...such great finds!! your back yard looks so cozy too. henry looks cute...bravo on the big boy bike!!! i can remember when jake got his new wheels....seems like yesterday :) have a lovely weekend, jackie

BlueJude said...

Fantastic bedroom finds!! We have the same taste (:
Happy Saturday to you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, tell me again where you live now? I can not believe you got all of that for those prices. Add all of those prices up and my small desk is twice as expensive and not even half as nice as some of your findds. I'm serious, you cant get a deal like that even at Goodwill. You could definitely open a shop up!
My favorite item is that headboard. Our dining room table is walnut and I just want to strip it and paint it white. Drats..should've done it this weekend while the hubby was out of town (it was his mother's table).
Have a great week, Jenn!

Catherine said...

OMG! your house pictures are so flipping C.U.T.E. I want to see more, more, more, kitchen, bathroom, entryway....please show more, I can't take it! everything is so inspiring! Glad to see you are settling into your sweet little nest, and amazed at your continued creativity! you are awesome!

Dawnie said...

I cannot believe you found that little loveseat for 20 dollars! unreal, you would not believe how expensive anything that even hints at antique around here. I would say for that piece in my area, it would be at least 400. Lucky you!

Heather said...

your home is beautiful! Girl, we need to go shopping! It looks lovely, I cant believe you just moved in!
And wow, so your husband worked on the collider?!? That is amazing. My husband and I have been talking about that, me mainly going "they wont REALLY make a black hole, right? How would we even know if we were in one? huh? huh???"