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here's that little peek for you guys...
I'm working on better individual photos
for the listings. see you guys at 10:00 pm
(EST...New York time still 'cause that's
what time zone my head is still in;) )
I'm just not sure of how many other
items will make it into the update...
depending on how many photos I
can get and how grumpy my
computer is!!
But, so far, I'll have
2 cakes
5 houses
1 sitting dollie
1 bust in a new style:)
and a 4x18 inch house painting


Chrissie Grace said...

Oh I want that lady...I think it's me!! I hope I'm the first one to get it! I'll be on at 10 sharp...
Chrissie Grace

~dani~ said...

Always perfection!!

michelle said...

Lovely as always! I love the sitting style, oh and the cakes, oh well just all of it!

michelle said...

I forgot I was going to moan about photographing everything. I think it is the most unpleasant task in doing the whole etsy thing. And mine aren't nearly as good as yours. I think it takes me longer to take a decent photo and list it that it does to make a whole birdie necklace sometimes! Oh, well still much better than a day at the office isn't it?!

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh!! I am greeted by a precious song to accompany this new yellow background which I adoooore!! And a smiling face of a precious child, in a photo below!! Plus new work, yiiippppeeee!! xoox

Diane Duda said...

You did it again!
I missed the update, but just went and looked at everything. I love the sitting girl, and the cake houses, and especially the words you chose for the house painting.


Fantastic Figments said...

I am so happy with your great success on Etsy! That is amazing but it would be hard for you cute little works not to 'fly' from the sheelves!!!!!!!


michelle sylvia said...

Hey Jenn!

Once again, I missed out on all of your new goodies.....I LOVE them all though!!! You do the most incredible work!!! It was so great to meet you in person last week. You are adorable and Henry is just the cutest little guy!!! Looking forward to our next get together!!

PJ's talkin'.... said...

I'm so impressed with your art. It's so warm, has so much personality. thanks for the treat. PJ