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shop update...finally!

it's true! the shop update is going to happen this week! I said in the last post how I wanted to have it Wednesday night...but I got NO work done this weekend. Let's move it to Thursday...hope you don't mind!!! I'll show sneak peeks before Thursday:)

Did you guys enjoy your weekend? I planned on being really productive work wise...and didn't pick up a paintbrush once! I had a terrible optical migraine Sunday and today though. That had alot to do with it. We did get some things done around the house...including arranging my studio and some work in the yard on Saturday. My computer has been terribly grumpy and I've come to the realization that I have to get a new one. It didn't work at all for most of Sunday. ugh. double ugh. That being said...I can't upload any photos right now. booooo. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to share some photos with ya'll!!
My teeny eeeeeeny baby Henry starts Pre-K tomorrow. I'll put on my brave face and hold his hand. I'll drop him off at his little class and pray that he wants to go in. I'll tell him I love him and will see him soon. I'll resist temptation to linger and spy through the window. I'll let my baby grow up a teeny bit tomorrow. Think of me:)


michelle said...

And then go get yourself a nice treat, like a big ole cupcake that you don't have to share with any cute little faces asking can't they please have some. You will feel much better! Good luck, it is so tough having them get big!

mia said...

Will be thinking about you and baby Hen today! love you both!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

OH! I imagine it is hard! But, think of all the fun he will have!!!! They grow up so quickly! I say this at least once a day!
Can't wait to see your new stuff! :)

jennlui said...

hi! i've been really enjoying reading your blog, but haven't commented until now. little ones grow up so quickly!!! my daughter is 14 months and i can't believe how quickly time goes by! i'll be thinking of you and your little one going off to school, goodness next think i'll know my little one will be off to school... yikes! looking forward to your shop update! have an excellent day!!!

Fantastic Figments said...

Awww a lot of the first day of school going around. A few ladies at work are leaving early for orientation and they came in telling stories of how their kids didn't sleep becuase they were so excited and nervous at the same time. A bottle of emotions. I am SURE Henry will do great! Oh and about getting work done this weekend I will second that motion of not picking up a paint bursh. I did for maybe 3 hours and I put it down.


LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Merci, Merci for all the info you sent via email! Thanks for being so helpful and for your time! Will try your link today and see how it works... Bravo! We did the same absolute stuff this weekend, no art but lots of rearranging my studio and the house in general. Ah! Henry starts pre-K and my Ulysse starts high-school today, the youngest of the HUGE school, since he was born on September 30 and it is the cut-off day for school year in Canada. Talk about a change of pace! His primary school had 107 students, this one is a humongous regional bilingual school. He was good though, quite confident and almost relaxed about it. Now, I know for sure my little boy is no longer little ... Have a great week and can't wait to see your new stuff on Thursday! Take care, LuLu xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
Oh, Pre-K, how sweet!! Henry will probably do fine! Is Jake doing well with school? Holly was a little nervous today but she will do O.K.
Last year she was the new kid in class so she knows just how Jake feels. My nephews' name is Henry, and he is almost 2. He will have a little sister due Oct. 8th who will be named Hazel. Lots of people are giving my sis grief about the name Hazel,but I love it! Can't wait to see what's in the store Thursday nite. Take care, xo Amy Wingate.

bLu eYd YoGi said...

oh boy! your stuff is SO FUN! these are SOOO amazing! i LOVE it! you ROCK! i dropped of my girls today for the 1st day of school~ they LOVE school (i DID stick around & PEEK in the doors :)
p.s. tomorrow is first day of KINDERGARTEN for my little man.....aaaaaah!

Elma said...

Hi Jenn, isn't it sad to leave the little ones at school. Today I left caleb and I cried and his big eyes had tears but the teacher said he did great. I am just glad I have adrian at home yet.Time just goes so fast. Have a great day tomorrow I hope both of your little men do great!!

barbara said...

Well, now we are even. Your blog to me made me cry!
Am I the only admirer of yours born the same year as Methuselah- my daughter has graduated from college and I still get very mooney over her. Every time I buy something of yours she gets so happy because she knows it will be in her apartment before long- I am a total sucker for her!
I can't wait to see your new things.
Hope all went fabulously for the boys. Fondly, Barbara (artiesthird)

Beth Quinn said...

thinking of you jen !! good luck with the pre k !!

Jessica Art said...

(Barbara's daughter here...) Not only have I graduated college, but I am a 324 month old! Jenn, my mom has always loved your work and as soon as she showed me your stuff I was instantly hooked. You have a beautiful style and heart.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I feel your pain sister! It's not easy letting go but Alex walked right into his pre-K class and never looked back so hopefully Henry will too. It's pure torture when they cry to come home:( I'll be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Next year I'll be in the same situation as you..preschool already?!? Hope you feel better with the migrane. I've two of those in my life and I thought I was losing my sight..very scary!

Your site looks great! And cool music selection:) (beware though..I just uploaded new songs this weekend and there was a bug in one of the song codes.I wish I could upload my own musical library to avoid this)